Rocky Top Invitational – 16U Breakdown – May 25, 2021

Jahzare Jackson dominated the competition in Gatlinburg at the Rocky Top Invitational.

Gatlinburg, TN– The 16-under division was filled with players either playing up or within their age group pool making noise.

This year’s Rocky Top Invitational by On the Radar Hoops had some of the best in the region show out and put on performances worth tracking.

By:Robert Alfonso Jr.

Here are some names you will hear from more of sooner than later:

Timofei Rudovskii (2023) | Strive For Greatness |is one name that is hard to spell but will certainly be one to remember. At 6-foot-7, this Russian native is a stone-cold sniper. He is balanced with every shot. Rudovski has a fluid follow through and range on his jumper. He can also drive to the basket and finish above the rim. His confidence and tenacity are things essential in his game.

Jaylen Carey (2023) | Nightrydas|is one huge and talented young man. Many could easily see what is all the fuss about when it comes to this youngster. His presence on the court is not like many of his peers. He is about that business. Carey does not waste too many moves to get to the end result. He also dunks the ball like there was issues between him and the rim. The Carey name will be heard a lot on this summer.

Blue Cain | 2023 | BMaze Elite |is one of the smoothest guards around. The highly-touted prospect is an elite finisher who understands how to run a team. On the weekend, he showed the ability to score at such a calming pace throughout. Caine kept defenders off balance. Syracuse and Tennessee have offered thus far but expect more to come this summer.

Jahzare Jackson | 2023 | Strive For Greatness | is a load of a human being and physical specimen. His physic has chiseled out well making him a problem on both ends of the floor. When he establishes position it is hard to move him. The more he continues to work on his skills and footwork it will be a lot harder to stop him.

Jarred Hall | 2023 | EAB Tennessee |is a long wiry long fella with a smooth jumper. He has an impressive motor and unique skills to go with the smooth jumper. Hall finishes from all over the floor. His jumper also has range for a young player. Look for college programs to track him this summer.

Harvey Wilson | 2023 | 1 Family |is coming along every time he steps on the floor. He is using his length on the inside while extending his range out some. There are moments where he gives you so many jaw dropping plays. Watch for him to grow because the sky is the limit.

Pierce Roper | 2023 | Pro One Select| has off the charts speed and solid skills He plays going downhill and is a catalyst for Pro One Select. His ability to finish through traffic makes him tough to defend. He has a variety of ways to get the end result.

Avanter Parker | 2023 | Team USC Premier |is rangy and lanky. He has a good motor. Loves to get around the basket and finish with either hand. He can also cause issues with extending the floor. Look for his development to determine where those skills can lead him.

David Thomas | 2023 | Team Huncho |is emerging as a bonafide point guard. He was scoring and orchestrating at ever level on the floor. This floor maestro found players when they didn’t realize they were open. When he took matters into his own hands, Thomas showed the ability to finish on all three levels. He plays downhill and can knock it down from deep.

Sam Walters | 2023 | NightRydas |is starting to take off as a player. The lefty excelled over the weekend for the Florida-based team. He knows how to hit shots. His ability to knock down shots makes him a hard person to defend. Walker is stronger on the defensive end of the floor. Look for his game to continue balancing out and elevating.