Standouts from On the Radar’s Memorial Day Classic

Orlando, FL – On the Radar headed down to Orlando, Florida where Game Point hosted On the Radar’s Memorial Day Classic with their 6 indoor courts, featuring age groups from 14-17U. Lots of new players hit the scene and stood out to our evaluators that were heavily featured on our social media platforms and will be tracked heading into the June and July NCAA Live Periods.

By: Jennifer Brazelton


2024 | 1 of 1 Elite | Sebastian Akins

Sebastian Akins is a name we’ll be hearing a lot heading into the summer. Akins is a very shifty guard that creates plays from anywhere on the court. Akins does well facilitating and anticipating his teammates cutting to the basket, but has no problem pulling up and hitting the mid-range or a deep three. Akins had one of the more exciting plays this past weekend hitting the game winning shot over Team Florida. Akins was vocal defensively and active staying in the passing lanes as well. Akins has offers from IUPUI and High Point, and will continue to see an uptick in interest and offers going into the next few Live Periods.


2024 | TJ Baker | Game Speed Elite

TJ Baker is a relentless player that is constantly on the attack. Baker has great size and strength, and a strong skillset with reading the defense and finding the open lanes. Against 1 Family, Baker stayed on the attack and was relentless finding holes in defense and capitalizing off his elite shooting ability. Baker also showed that he’s an outside shooter; catching and squaring up quickly off the catch. Baker was active on the boards and even with a short bench stayed engaged in every play.


2025 | Zach Bleshoy | Atlanta Timberwolves

Zach Bleshoy is consistently one of the top scoring point guards in the class of 2025. Bleshoy is a fierce competitor that is always on the attack and creating plays off the dribble. Bleshoy scores it effortlessly around the rim and can finish at the basket with contact against larger defenders. Bleshoy can see the game developing and stays vocal with his teammates and making sure they’re in the right spots. A solid floor general, Bleshoy will be a name we hear a lot next month as we make the switch to the NCAA High School Live Periods.


2024 | Deven Butler | Tony Bradley Elite

Deven Butler continues to impress our staff as he continues to develop his game. Butler is a long, wiry, big guard that can handle the ball up the court and get to the basket in very few dribbles with his length. Butler was impressive all weekend with his scoring and inside presence on both ends. With his activity on defense, Butler is able to get deflections and steals and score in transition. Butler is a smooth and consistent player that will continue to attract coaches at the next level.


2024 | Lorenzo Cason | 1 Family

Lorenzo Cason is one of the better consistent scoring guards in his class. Cason is a pure, smooth 3-way scorer that makes decisions quickly in transition where he can finish at the rim or make an athletic move around the basket. Cason has a very high clip from outside and if left for any amount of time, will hit the shot. Cason stays active on defense and with his on ball pressure and quickness is able to rack up deflections and steals to score in transition or find his open teammates for an electric finish. Cason has several D1 offers and is a player that can make an immediate impact at the next level.


After serving on college coaching staffs and working at several universities in the Southeast, Jennifer Brazelton joined On the Radar Hoops as a National Evaluator in April 2022. She has been involved in the Georgia basketball community since 2015 and can be reached at or on Twitter @jenbrazeIton.