Standouts from On the Radar’s Rocky Top Invitational (Part 1)

Gatlinburg, TN – On the Radar headed up to good ‘ole Rocky Top following two consecutive NCAA Live Periods.  The Rocky Top Sports complex played host with their 6 indoor courts and surrounding high schools and middle schools that featured age groups 15-17U. Lots of new players hit the scene and stood out to our evaluators that were heavily featured on our social media platforms and will be tracked heading into the June and July NCAA Live Periods.

By: Jennifer Brazelton


2024 | Jakkori Arnold | Promise Elite

Jakkori Arnold is a 2024 heady point guard that can do damage on both ends. Arnold has grit and strength to be able to muscle his way in to the basket and finish, with or without contact. Arnold is just as solid defensively on the ball or off the ball and can anticipate drives. Did well protecting the basket picking up a bunch of blocks and rebounds. Arnold is a player that will give everything he’s got from start to finish and is a stock riser early this travel season.


2025 | Dylan Barbara | Team Scoot

The 6’5″ wing, Dylan Barbara, was solid all weekend for Team Scott. Barbara showed he could score the ball at all 3 levels, and defend them just as well. Barbara really stood out in his ability to shoot from 3 at a high clip and had some uber-athletic plays defensively blocking shots off the backboards or grabbing rebounds at the highest point. I believe Barbara can continue to do damage in his class and move up rankings as he continues to iron out and develop upon his game.


2024 | Jayden Bone | EYA

The 6’1″ point guard, Jayden Bone, is another EYA prospect that is making waves early this travel season. Bone is a true, confident point guard that can dish it off to teammates or create his own shot in traffic. Bone has a high IQ and understands his role on a team; selfish player that will make the right play for the betterment of the team. Bone can score at a high clip at the 3 and does a great job controlling his body, and jumping off two feet at the mid-range or around the basket. Bone has also honed in his craft and length by finishing some impressive layups at unique angles on the drive.


2024 | Chase Damerell | Georgia Legacy

Chase Damerell has found a great home in Georgia Legacy and is truly able to show his complete game with a solid, talented group around him. At 6’6″, Damerell can play inside or outside and helps really stretch the floor to run the open offensive sets. Damerell has a unique poise and consistency about him that makes his even keel game more intriguing. Each time Damerell gets the ball he’s looking to score and has the confidence to drain the 3 or get to the basket in one dribble. Damerell is going to be a solid addition at the next level and continue to turn heads going into his senior year.


2025 | Terrence Davis | Crimson Kings

The 2025 point guard, Terrence Davis, stood out in his game against Georgia Stars by continuing to fight and help his teammates get back into the game. Davis was relentless getting down hill and attacking the basket, and showed a lot of fight in his game. Davis stayed on the attack by guarding closely on ball, getting deflections, and showed he could score in transition time and time again with or without contact. Davis is a confident, communicative guard in his class and showed poise throughout the game.


2025 | Noah Givens | Georgia State Warriors

The 2025 6’5″ forward, Noah Givens, is a name that will be mentioned quite a lot over the next few years, along with his AAU and high school teammate, Cade Lomas. The two of them played well off one another and Givens not only stood out with his length and wingspan, but his ability to perform well on both ends of the court. Givens showed he could score on all 3 levels and defensively was tenacious guarding the basket and making it almost impossible for his opponent to score. The product that Georgia State Warriors put out for this tournament was impressive and they will be a team coaches will want to keep an eye on during the June and July NCAA Live Periods.


After serving on college coaching staffs and working at several universities in the Southeast, Jennifer Brazelton joined On the Radar Hoops as a National Evaluator in April 2022. She has been involved in the Georgia basketball community since 2015 and can be reached at or on Twitter @jenbrazeIton.