Standouts from On the Radar’s ‘Who Wants the Smoke?’ (Part 2)

Marietta, South Carolina – On the Radar was back in Marietta, Georgia to host a tune up of ‘Who Wants the Smoke’ prior to the first NCAA Live Period the following weekend. This tournament highlighted noteworthy prospects from independent and shoe teams who are college ready or on the verge of becoming a true college prospect within the next few years. This feature specifically highlights 2025, 2026, and 2027 standouts in a three part series.

By: Jennifer Brazelton




2028 | KD Hernandez | Game Elite 3SSB

2028 guard KD Hernanez had an impressive showing this past weekend and has the tools to be a next level prospect. Hernandez can fill up the stat sheet with his play on both ends. Hernandez is a high-level point guard that continually makes his team look better. Hernandez makes the right passes and is always a play or two ahead of his opponent. Hernandez is a versatile guard with his handles and crafty finishes around the basket. Consistent floor general that is poised for a prosperous summer.


2027 | K’Majay Jenkins | Atlanta Celtics 3SSB


2027 6’7″ wing K’Majay Jenkins is a high-major prospect for Atlanta Celtics. Jenkins has a next level feel around the basket, finishing tough interior plays with sound footwork and fundamentals. Jenkins can stretch the floor with his outside jumper and showed off several turn around fadeaways around the mid-range. Jenkins was one of the best prospects we saw in his class and should see interest pour in over the next few years.


2025 | Thomas McBride | Team Dickerson


2025 6’4″ wing Thomas McBride has been scoring the ball at a high-level and this past weekend was no different. McBride showed he can get hot from deep quickly and is a confident offensive player. McBride does not shy from his opponent whether they play tight or off-ball. McBride has a way of making defenders pay with his high release and limited space needed to get deep shots off. McBride can space the floor well without the ball and can find gaps in the defense. Aggressive defensive player that stays active on the boards.


2027 | Amare McKinley | Elite Playmakers


2027 G Amare McKinley is a savvy prospect in his class. McKinley has the size and strength, and paired with his aggressive play, makes him a tough prospect to stop inside. McKinley led all scorers in the win with 20 points on aggressive drives and drawing fouls at the basket. McKinley does playing well with or without the ball, finding the open gaps cutting to the basket or finding his teammates inside. McKinley did well playing within the offense and did well getting stops on the other end in a tight morning game.


2025 | Mica Merriman | Atlanta Timberwolves


2025 6’4″ guard Mica Merriman has been a nice addition to the Atlanta Timberwolves team this spring. Merriman had one of the better performances I’ve seen from him scoring 14 points and adding in several assists. Merriman sees the court well and can find his teammates cutting to the basket or in transition running the floor. Merriman fought his way inside and has a knack for second chance points off his aggressive rebounding. Merriman has a fluid game and understands his role, and plays it well.


After serving on college coaching staffs and working at several universities in the Southeast, Jennifer Brazelton joined On the Radar Hoops as a National Evaluator in April 2022. She has been involved in the Georgia basketball community since 2015 and can be reached on Twitter @Proven_Prospect.