Super 6 Showcase Notebook – August 17, 2021

Atlanta, Georgia – This weekend at the Super 6 Showcase a few teams from the west coast made the trip across country to partake in the Live Period the southern way. Along with those teams were a host of west coast universities that came to recruit. Stanford, Washington, San Diego State, San Jose State, and Utah were just some of the schools that sat on the baselines.

Oziyah Sellers 6’5 2022 Arsenal Elite

Sellers was a man on a mission in game one and quickly announced himself to those that had never heard of him by going 3 for 4 from behind the three in the games first couple of minutes. The long-range bomber stayed locked and loaded throughout the contest, shooting it equally well on the move. Sellers doesn’t need much room to get his shot it off and more importantly he moved constantly without the ball to free himself up for good looks. An excellent ball handler he was able to slide over and initiate his teams offense when he needed to.

Denim Dawson Jones 6’5 2022 California Stars Black

The high wire act was on display in his last game before his Stars team headed out the door. A tremendous leaper off one foot, he was quite the crowd pleaser. Dawson Jones had one of, if not the best first steps in the gym. He didn’t use wasted dribbles to get where he needed to go, and at 6’5 he was very aggressive when it came to cleaning the defensive boards. I’d like to think the forward helped himself a lot over the weekend as he’s originally apart of the 2021 class, but is opting for a 5th year.

Jaylen Thompson 6’8 2022 Arsenal Elite

One of the biggest recruits on the west coast and it’s easy to see why. The baby face Thompson has such a high ceiling when you factor in the fact that it doesn’t even look like he’s grown into his feet yet. His standing reach looks crazy, and the fact that he operates with the ball in hand provides for so many mismatches. Thompson has all sorts of abilities that make him such a threat on the floor. On the high school level he can guard all five positions, which made him so important in his teams screen and roll defense. Some games he shot it much better than others, but you have to honor him as a perimeter threat. Over time his game will become polished making him such a load to handle. Swiss army knife type of production is what he’s capable of.

Jed Miller 6’1 2022 California Stars Red

Big expectations followed the sharp shooting point guard to the south as Miller set the school single game scoring record with 62 points at the end of his season, and 47 points not to long before that. The consensus when he left the building after the weekend was done is that he was fun to watch. Not only did he put up big scoring numbers (shot a high percentage from the arc each game), but it was his feel for the game that made him successful. Miller got really get to any spot he wants to with his handle. He set himself up plenty, but made sure to his teammates in the numbers when they were in scoring position. This kid is threat when he puts the uniform on.

Brasen James 6’3 Atlanta Lightning

Things were going smooth in the early part of the day and that’s when wing Brasen James decided to stretch his legs and punish the rim. In the second half of his Atlanta Lightning game James repeatedly took flight down the middle of the lane for some impressive dunks. On one finish, he even self-started the break by pulling down a rebound and pushing it up the floor on the sideline only to cross back over middle and explode off two feet and finish with two hands at the rim. James was able to get a few breakaway dunks after he showed some free safety like anticipation in the open floor picking off long passes and converting them to points on his end.

Jakobe Strozier 6’4 2022 Core 4

In Strozier’s first game on Saturday morning he scored in bursts to lead his team to a victory. He turned defense into offense by shooting the gaps to come up with steals. He almost had the dunk of the summer in transition as he actually cleared a defender who tried to slide over for a last second charge. All Strozier’s dunks were delivered with authority, after he turned on the extra gear when he set his sites on the rim.

Corey Stephenson 6’4 2022 Hawks Elite

The slasher from Alabama passes the eye test when he walks in the gym. Long, lean, muscular legs more along the lines of a high jumper look and a Stephenson didn’t disappoint when it came to attacking the basket. He caught multiple lobs after running the floor, and a few off of out of bounds plays. He’s the type of player any good point guard would like running alongside of them because his objective is to finish off the play. A huge plus to Stephenson’s game is that since he stayed aggressive he stayed at the free throw line.

Gaddis Heath 6’4 D Favors Celtics

Mr. Heath is certainly more than a drinker, but when he gets rolling downhill he can deliver at the rim. His skills make him a good secondary ball handler, but less is more with the energetic wing. He’s at his best when he receives the ball on the move and targets the defenders front foot. Heath delivered a few baseline dunks and some impressive finishes at the rim after curling off screens.

Christian Rolack 6’5 2021 Game Speed Elite Orange

The 2021 prospect might have been the most exciting open court player in the gym. The Tampa product set his sights on the rim from start to finish. Rolack is a heck of a jumper, with speed to match. His long limbs and quick twitch muscles allowed him to easily guard all three guard positions, pressuring the ball and picking up full court. More than likely he will be the first to hit the lanes after his team secured the rebound and when he dunked the ball it was with such authority that defenders made the decision early to just get out of his way when he took flight. I heard from a few people that he actually shattered the backboard during his high school season.

Kerry Willis is a contributor to On the Radar Hoops