Sweet 16 Session I – 16U notebook -May 1, 2021

Marietta, GA – A global pandemic has hurt at least two recruiting classes because there was little to no evaluation period. This when taking a look at the underclassman.

On the Radar Hoops provided an opportunity for many players to showcase their skills. Here are some players in the 16U division who made an impression.

By: Robert Alfonso Jr.

Express have a trio worth watching

Georgia Express 2023 is a team many college coaches from all levels need to lock in on immediately. This team has length in a seven-footer. They also have a versatile forward to go along with the heady combo guard.

The Express had a solid weekend and finished 3-1. Leading the way for them were guards Garrett Ledford and Jaylen Priester. They kept the pressure on all the time for the Express. They pushed in the open court as often allowed. There are lot of good pieces to watch out for on this Georgia squad.

However, the intrigue is Carter Clark. He is new to the Peach State but he is not difficult to spot. This 7-foot-1 center is developing into a major contributor. He is not a finished product but playing. The Express will not rush the development. Carter is a rim protector and an efficient rebounder. Watch for his development by the end of the summer because the ceiling is high.

Player watchlist

2023 Eren Banks (Georgia South) is a solid scorer who brings plenty in the arsenal. He gets to the basket at will. His mentality is to attack anyone who has accepted the challenge to guard him. Usually Banks comes out on top. He will be a name those not familiar with the talent in South Georgia.

2023 Nathan Shaw (Loyalty United) showed plenty of versatility for for the Orlando-based organization. This 6-foot-4 wing showed the ability to attack and control either end of the floor. He was the catalyst on the Orlando-based organization going 4-0 for the weekend.

2023 Michael Zhang (Team Dickerson) is easily one of the best shooters in the Southeast. He gets it off quickly and usually finds the bottom of the net. Zhang has attracted defenses and still managed to get shots off. Look for Zhang if you’re looking for a shooter. He is a certified marksman.

2023 Dylan James (1 Family) is a long and wiry youngster. He is athletic and causes all sorts of issues for opponents on either end of the floor. Look for him to get a buzz about him soon. He is a walking double-double.

2023 Chris Hickman (Atlanta Nets) has a different gear. When he kicks that gear into overdrive pray for the opposing defender because it will be a long game for them. Hickman is all business and gets it done. He finished with 27 points and helped keep the team focused. His play on the court was contagious to his teammates.

2023 Nick Henry (Smash) can fill it up. He is calculated and tactical in the open floor. His motor is non-stop. Henry has a nice mid-range game. There is some more to his game to watch. He will certainly make you notice sooner than later.

2023 Kavon Johnson (Georgia South) is just a poised point guard. He effects plays without having the ball in his hand. Johnson plays with pace to control the offense and the defense. Solid court vision and leadership. He is a program builder. Get locked in with this prospect.

2023 Malik Ferguson (Team Dickerson) is a big combo guard who is physical on either ends of the floor. He plays downhill and finishes through traffic with either hand. Ferguson is a three level scorer with athleticism.

2023 Khalil Roberts (Team TTG) brought the pain for the Alabama-based organization. His presence around the rim made him tough to handle. He was effective enough where opponents had issues in guarding him. Don’t sleep on him because time will only tell how good he will develop.