20 Underclass Guys Making Interesting Noise to Track – Pt 3

By: Keith Agran

Aiden Weaver | G | Etowah | 2025 

DESCRIPTION: Exciting athlete, incredible lift, dominant finisher

ASSESSMENT: Finding the basketball side of his game rapidly after a summer with Game Elite surrounded by studs and a winter with a senior class still rolling along ahead of him. But it will soon be his time as he’s yet to unleash the full gamut of the basketball player he can become and the end result could be eye-popping the next 2 years.

Brendan Tousignaut | G | Sequoyah | 2025 

DESCRIPTION: Deadeye shooter, can get to basket, sees the game

ASSESSMENT: Out with 2023 Preston Parker and in with Tousignaut who is following a similar trajectory in the development process to Parker, who exploded coming out of his junior summer under the tutelage of the Chiefs staff and Wood Elite. Plays an old-school brand the way he uses all levels to attack but is your modern-day bombing 2-guard with size.

Kahmare Holmes | G | Archer | 2024 

DESCRIPTION: Efficient scorer, can unleash athletic side in a flash, multi-level assassin

ASSESSMENT: Having joined the Archer program this fall he quickly got a taste of what’s required at both ends of the floor and showed off his all-court game first as an advanced scoring threat and then as a versatile defender. Will be fascinating to see him in town playing travel ball with more space to work and a forum to show off the scoring chops to more coaches.

Michael White | G | Mountain View | 2024 

DESCRIPTION: Born to score type, can handle either guard role, physical defender

ASSESSMENT: One of the more underrated scoring threats north of the Perimeter is White who has carried a rep for years now as a bunches scorer and has backed it up in the Bears’ up-tempo style. Critical last summer before his senior year to garner the type of looks he’s worthy of for schools looking for a combo guard who can fill it up with a good frame and a really adept mind for the game.

Caleb Jones | G | North Gwinnett | 2024 

DESCRIPTION: Combo guard with vision, handle, and a scorer’s mentality

ASSESSMENT: Up from Florida came Jones to the Bulldogs lineup and he had some strong performances for them starting way back in Live Period June where after playing with Sunshine Elite from the Sunshine State he stepped right in with NGHS and caught eyeballs right off. The way he gets after it either as a scoring PG or knocking down deep balls from the wing, he’ll attract attention this summer.

Jabarri Williams 2025 Valdosta | Cam Perkins 2024 Warner Robins (pictured at top)

DESCRIPTION: Similar lead guard types with scoring and vision in abundance

ASSESSMENT: Grouped together here because of their similar attributes and also the fact they’re among two of the best players overall south of Henry County. Both have had an impact on the travel side as well as for their strong high school programs but receive far too light attention. That should change as Perkins enters the key summer before his senior year and Williams continues his ascension after another really good Valdosta campaign.

Keith Agran has lived in Georgia since 2011 and joined OTR as a National Evaluator in 2021. He previously scouted for Prep Hoops dating back to 2019, and also spent 3 years as a sports writer at two newspapers in New Jersey. After a championship-coaching background on the HS-level also in NJ, he accepted the Girl’s Basketball Head Coaching position in May 2022 at Mt Bethel Christian Academy and now balances scouting and coaching still with a keen eye on talent around the region. You can reach him at keithagran1@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter @BracketSage.