2022 Prospects to track – April 15, 2020

Florian Tenebay is a player to keep an eye on in Georgia’s 2022 class.

Atlanta, Ga-With 2 more full years of high school left, there is still a lot of time for prospects in the 2022 class to rise and prove themselves. After taking a look at the PG’s and Forwards atop the most recent update, now we will examine some prospects outside that Top 25 who aren’t well-known or have a good chance to climb soon. The focus is on some prospects in the 30’s of the rankings, along with one prospect in the 50’s.

By: Trent Markwith

Full Rankings:

Relentless Hoops Class of 2022 Rankings


  1. 6’6” F Zaylan Chaney (Cass)

Chaney might not get a lot of attention at Cass, but he has size and versatility that will make him an attractive prospect down the road. He already has a solid build to him and doesn’t mind using his body in the paint to get good position for himself. Chaney isn’t restricted to working down low, he is comfortable with the ball slashing to the basket and will hit jumpers occasionally also. With solid mobility, toughness, and a good motor, Chaney has the ability to defend both guards and forwards effectively even as a sophomore. He checks a lot of boxes already, I’m encouraged to see how he keeps adding to each of his tools.

  1. 6’1” G Jameel Rideout (South Cobb)

Rideout gave South Cobb a low-maintenance producer this season and is a guy that should be talked about more. He has a smooth offensive game and is capable of putting the ball in the basket, but does not focus on that. Rideout locks in as a defender and makes a nice impact on that end of the floor with activity and great effort. When he gets his chances offensively, he’s strong with the ball, finishes well, and makes good decisions. There is a toughness and gritty aspect to Rideout that not many sophomores can claim and that definitely helped him to be a contributor on one of 6A’s top teams this year.

  1. 6’4” W Florian Tenebay (Greenforest)

Greenforest has a talented group of young prospects that includes Jalen Forrest and Chase Cormier in their 2022 class, and Tenebay is another quality piece for the Eagles. He is a solid wing who has nice size and confidence for his age. Tenebay shoots fairly well and has ability off the dribble, but his activity away from the ball is impressive too. He moves constantly, looking for offensive rebound opportunities and cutting for open layups. Defensively, he has the length to protect the rim and frustrate ball-handlers. The motor and aggression he plays with should continue to serve him well.

  1. 6’6” SF Jaylon Taylor (Buford)

Taylor has one of the highest ceilings of any prospect in the state. A great natural athlete with long arms and explosive leaping ability, Taylor is a threat for eye-popping plays above the rim at any moment. When he’s playing hard and in the right frame of mind, Taylor can have a huge impact on the game on both sides of the ball. Taylor is not just an athlete either, he has an effective jumper that he gets good lift on and utilizes particularly well from the mid-range area. As Taylor continues to mature and realizes how good he can really be, the final product could be scary.

  1. 6’3” W Christian Drummer (Archer)

Archer coach Joel Leceouvre will quickly tell you that Drummer has a bright future for the Tigers, and after seeing him early on last summer and multiple times during the 2019-20 season, I agree. As is the case with all Archer players, Drummer is a committed defender who flies around and forces his fair share of turnovers. On their undersized team, he was one of the taller guys, which forced him to rebound, and develop toughness and physicality. Offensively, he has a simple game with long strides and limited dribbles on his way to the basket where he extends and converts on layups. He also has a perimeter shot that should be reliable in time. Look for him step up into a big role next year.

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