5A Summer Stock Risers – Floor Generals

ATLANTA, GA – As the summer travel season comes to a close with OTR having put on a monster spring and summer buffet across the region, attracting teams and players from as far as the West Coast, the Dakotas, Texas and the Midwest to name just a few, and along the way performing our core task of helping to set the table for hundreds of prospects to perhaps see their college basketball dreams come true.

Back to life on the local Georgia hardwoods with Fall Leagues soon to heat up, we take some time to look at Stock-Risers from the new Region alignments in a multitude of categories, and how they might impact those state tournament races (travel team in parentheses).

“Floor Generals” are the consummate leaders, some scoring variety and some pass-first, but all incredibly impactful for their teams, and who may not get the pub they deserve.

By: Keith Agran

Davarri Barthell | 5-11 | PG | Dutchtown | 2023 (Cam Sports Red)

Could have easily held Barthell for a 5A Defenders list as well as he uses his exceptional speed out in space as a lockdown man-up guy as well, the speed as mentioned is top shelf as he can flat out get up the floor and past people and then find a lower gear just quickly enough as to not be out of control at the rim, similar in a lot of ways to former Bulldog standout Kam Hobbs and with a team full of athletes and size Barthell could be the catalyst to a big playoff run this winter.

Khirus Doucet | 6-4 | PG | Chapel Hill | 2023 (GA Canes)

So much from a translatable next-level perspective fits in Doucert’s game and will be sought after by coaches, the good size right out of the gate and the natural instincts of a leader and passer come out whether he’s with a stacked Canes group in the springtime or with his always competitive Panthers mates, has good 3-point shooting ability but in the age of the basket-attack PG at a legit 6-4 with a noticeable fearlessness he again really should be a highly sought after commodity.

Mykel Williams | 6-2 | PG | Mays | 2023 ()

A lot like Barthell above but bigger at 6-2 as speed is a commodity that separates him but you also have to love the creativity away from the basket and getting at the hole, has had a quietly superb career at Mays flying mostly below the radar and but when sitting down to watch his always top effort-level it’s easy to hone in and like that he can be a really effective as a pass-first guy or a bunches scorer, will only get more lethal in the years to come as he’s a sleeper college prospect out of the ATL-Metro.

Cam Perkins | 5-11 | PG | Warner Robins | 2024 (WR All-Stars)

Has been on the come for over a year now as a slew of 2024 guards have begun to make their mark both on the HS season and with travel ball, certainly in the conversation in his class as best floor generals must Middle-GA’s Perkins be, tremendous natural instincts as a lead guard prospect where he can easily go double-digit assists one night and then come back and drop 25 pts on you the next, has been with the 17’s for WR All-Stars for the last two years and that and some terrific Showcase performances has kept him in front of college coaches where he’s seemingly always hard to miss.

Jay Boyd | 6-2 | PG | Hiram | 2023 (Wood Elite)

In a list of guards who made significantly impactful waves this spring and summer Boyd is right there near the top, his future appears to map out as a point man but he had some super impressive scoring performances against some really high-level travel competition and never lets up at the defensive end either, filled with confidence he gets set now to helm a Hornets team that has a Grovetown-like feel to it as a sleeper contender in what is a stacked 5A classification with the changes, may slip into the spring as an unsigned with the recruiting landscape as is but that takes nothing away from how good a college player he can be.

Keith Agran has lived in Georgia since 2011 and joined OTR as a National Evaluator in 2021. He previously scouted for Prep Hoops dating back to 2019 and has both a championship-coaching background on the HS-level and daily newspaper writing experience, both from New Jersey. You can reach him at keithagran1@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter @BracketSage.