Habersham Central Open Gym – Eye-Catchers

MT AIRY, GA – Habersham Central head coach Aric Mawdesley, together with North Georgia Report’s Adrian Penland, hosted an open gym for a nice group of North GA prospects looking to get extra exposure Oct. 20.

Several Scouts were on hand along with myself and a nice turnout of colleges came to see what was an impressive group of athletes and skilled guys, many of whom are poised for biog seasons and bright futures at the next level.

Some guys you couldn’t take your eye off of:

By: Keith Agran

Johnny Curry, 6-4, CG, Hart County, 2022 (pictured above)>> Super bouncy and active at both ends, can handle the ball or come crashing off the wing, nice shooting range, good size as a 2-man, wasn;t really anyone who could deny him what he sought on offense, my first extended look at him and the evening’s stud performer in my view, will make a next-level staff look smart if they grab him.

David Witcher

David Witcher, 6-2, CG, Franklin County, 2022 >> Another really impressive performance following up his excellent work at SEBA’s Showcase, a little smaller than Curry but no less bouncy as no dunk is seemingly outside his grasp, explodes into open space before the high-rising begins and the shooting while perhaps not his best attribute is solid and will only deepen.

Malachi Dooley

Malachi Dooley, 6-0, PG, Habersham Central, 2022 >> Did nothing to make me think less of him as one of my favorite guards in the whole 2022 class, humble yet undeniably talented and athletic there just isn’t a ton he doesn’t do well at either end and has such a stable of skills that he looks college-ready to run a program today, size means nothing with this particular player and this particular set of skills, will lead an HCHS team that is a sure-fire sleeper team to watch in 6A.

Charlie Reisman

Charlie Reisman, 6-1, CG, Gainesville, 2023 >> Older brother Rob was terrific and had a summer for the ages in 2020 that vaulted him to Oglethorpe U, Charlie always catches my eye in that he combines like Rob both serious grit and serious skill as a scorer, a combo that you can’t really teach and affords him the luxury of beating you with either flat-out skill advantage or by out-thinking or out-hustling you on a possession, set for a big breakout at GHS this winter.

Gus Hood, 6-1, CG, Rabun County, 2022 >> Made an impression on me playing with PSB Atlanta this summer, has a little bit of flair in his game but it’s not overdone or showy, he simply sees things an instant faster and finds openings for slick feeds better than the next guy, can play you and beat in a straight sound manner as well both slicing into lanes or knocking down J’s.

Christian Torres

Christian Torres, 6-5, PF, East Hall, 2022 >> Like Witcher stood out during the Fall Showcases with an activity level and finishing ability around the basket that was hard to miss, plenty of size to be a solid HS-level rim-protector and is as a good a rebounder as I’ve seen from schools up that way, has the look of a guy whose offense is on the come and will really be something by the time he’s a coupe, years into college.

Justin Birch, 6-0, CG, Lanier, 2022 >> It’s finally his show after waiting behind some now-graduated talent the last 2 seasons, there isn’t a shot he doesn’t like and why not in his last year be aggressive and show off his range from multiple levels, like all Lanier guys can really guard you and even with rising-2024 CJ Hyland alongside can handle the point or be an effective wing, with a young core behind him will be a key veteran presence to any state playoff run.

Jayce Nathaniel, 6-6, SF, Lanier, 2024 >> Speaking of Lanier, Nathaniel and his rapidly maturing game and body is a sight every time he comes out, at both ends the physicality and quickness can be overwhelming in spurts as you seek to defend his movement around the basket while he has made big strides in his mid-range shooting game, along with Hyland an absolute monster prospect in the class with the sky as the only limit.

Mekhi Mawdesley

Mekhi Mawdesley, 6-5, SG, Habersham Central, 2022 >> Part 2 of the Raiders backcourt which shined (Brannon Gaines and Bryce Pittman are also notable Raider performers to watch), firmly entrenched as one of North GA’s best long-range shooters with an effortless release that splashes with a lot of pretty behind it, excellent size and surprising lift off the deck for his lean figure leans he won’t shy away from getting closer to the hole, another North GA steal of a prospect.

Jones Harris, 6-2, SG, Lumpkin County, 2022 >> Got hot late in the evening from 3-land and that’s what I was expecting after watching him a bit with BCB this summer, nice frame for contact at either end as he can dart inside using the bounce and absorbs those hits well, has the look of a very-productive future small college gunner.

Keith Agran has lived in Georgia since 2011 and joined OTR as a National Evaluator in 2021. He previously scouted for Prep Hoops dating back to 2019 and has both a championship-coaching background on the HS-level and daily newspaper writing experience, both from New Jersey. You can reach him at keithagran1@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter @BracketSage.