Impact Transfers – Part 2

ATLANTA, GA – With transfer portal news making national headlines at the college level and impacting rosters in massive ways, the similar phenomenon of the high school transfer player certainly has become a notable topic around the state of Georgia as well.

Movement of players has certainly picked up pace in recent years, and this year’s chase for every classification will potentially be impacted by one or more geography-changing hoopsters.

After starting with 7A in Part 1, we work down to 6A and 5A, using 3 Impact Levels, all with certainly some noteworthy level of roster-alteration – MASSIVE, IMMEDIATE, ROTATIONAL:

By: Keith Agran

Jason Isaac Jr | 6-4 | CG | 2024 

NEW SCHOOL: Jonesboro


Joins a final four team from last year with a whole load of talent back with top footballer Devon Rainey soon to join them, AJ Horton, Jaquez Akins and the Redding brothers Montez and Cortez among several more. Such athletic options are only augmented by Isaac’s arrival, as he can play a multitude of spots for you and score in a variety of ways playing a hybrid forward or handling the PG duties. Had a huge fall where he was among the best players I saw across a slew of showcases I attended.



Chase Clemmons | 6-0 | CG | 2023 


PRIOR SCHOOL: Legacy Early College, SC

The Eagles too were a team already bringing back a slew of notable pieces with an experienced 2023 class led by Brandon Rechsteiner and  Mason Etter set to go for one last ride, this time in 6A. Clemmons’ skillset fits well alongside Rechsteiner as he like his backcourt mate can be super creative getting others involved or take on extra scoring load when the other is bottled up. With 2024 sniper Dimitri Angelakos and rising 2025 Aiden Weaver also roaming the wings this is sure to be another entertaining version of Etowah basketball.



Jayquan Nelson | 6-0 | PG | 2023 

NEW SCHOOL: Alexander


The Cougars already were welcoming back senior PG Milan Kennedy after he had a strong summer with Team Forrest, but you can never have enough ballhandling and scoring from the 1-spot, especially the quality level of Nelson. His 41 pt showing at OTR’s Power 24 tourney in July with Rome Elite was among the most electric offensive displays I saw the whole travel season, and he will meld nicely with a core that has the potential to be special in 6A, with studs like 2023’s Noah Melson and Marvin McGhee and top 2024 Braeden Lue set to take feeds from both Nelson and Kennedy.



CJ Brown | 6-2 | PG | 2024 (pictured at top)


PRIOR SCHOOL: Walker School

His rapid evolution into one of the top players in the 2024 class has been one of the top stories of the last 12 months. Such gifts were evident during a 2021 fall showcase period and subsequent superb sophomore season with Walker, but the leaps from there to where he has now become firmly entrenched suggest both a tremendous work ethic and a still-evolving skillset that downright excites. 5A is really deep, and Brown is the Longhorn igniter, so while they are among the favorites, to win it all they’ll need top efforts come playoff time from their deep stable of talented options like Peyton Marshall inside, Cannon Richards over from Whitefield alongside Marshall, versatile wings PJ Johnson and Jaylen Colon, and a pair of 2025 guards to watch in Connor Staphylaris and Landon Duncan.



Clark Mastin | 5-11 | PG | 2024 

NEW SCHOOL: Eagle’s Landing


The Eagles may have said goodbye to a highly successful senior class, but there was still already some really intriguing guys coming back before Mastin entered the picture. Senior PG David Thomas is one of the best in the state, but the prospect of him off the ball more with the creative and speedy Mastin really excites. Mastin fits that bill of one of those under 6-footers who are absolute must-see. As for the the rest of another stacked ELHS 5A roster. Caleb McCoy also comes over from Creekside Christian, and I think we’ll see the best come out in the likes of seniors Tylon Redmond, Kenny Brayboy and Khylan McKennie with it being their team, while forward Chris Morris really popped back in June with his physical play.



Dayton Richardson | 6-7 | SF | 2023 

NEW SCHOOL: Tri-Cities

PRIOR SCHOOL: Meadowcreek

Particualrly intrigued by the outcome of this move after having the chance to follow Richardson’s development over the 3 years with Norcross Heat. He has taken such notable steps that a move like this to a power program which will not only look to make another deep run in 5A but will draw a lot of coaching eyeballs as well could have far-reaching implications for both player and team. It’s the inside-out versatility where Richardson can really thrive with the Bulldogs, and with a dynamite backcourt led by Kory Mincy, Noricco Danner and Our Lady of Mercy transfer Malique Johnson, he should see the ball in good spots to show off those developments.


Keith Agran has lived in Georgia since 2011 and joined OTR as a National Evaluator in 2021. He previously scouted for Prep Hoops dating back to 2019 and has both a championship-coaching background on the HS-level and daily newspaper writing experience, both from New Jersey. You can reach him at and follow him on Twitter @BracketSage.