OTR Battle at the Beach Friday Night RECAP – May 22, 2023

Battle at the Beach
Wesley Chapel, Florida
May 19-21, 2023
By: Kerry Willis

Cornelious White #4 2025 Born To Impact Elite 16u

Active, active, active for the entire game! The motor on this forward never stopped and that is the reason why his production was so high. Loose balls, offensive rebounds, blocked shots you name it White got it done. He can stand to be a better finisher in the paint, but more times than none he snatched his misses and was able to go back up strong and convert at the rim.

Willie Picket #15 2026 Born To Impact Elite 16u

Picket’s game was very different than his teammate White.  A year younger and more fluid offensively, Pickett hit a variety of shots off the dribble which included a few coast-to-coast finishes above the rim with his off hand. His ability to change directions smoothly stood out as he carved up the defense on the move. What I liked about Picket was that he didn’t over think anything. If there was a smaller player guarding him he shot over the top of them. When matched up with a bigger player he put his head down and attacked, simple basketball.  Never hesitated, never settled.

Kelvin Peek #3 2025 HLHK Jayhawks 16u

A talented big guard that made a ton of things on the floor look easy.  He showed equally that he could score the basketball with either hand after creating his own shot off the dribble. Peek has a good frame, with more focus in the weight room he can take his body and game to the next level.  He was good at using angles to create opportunities on the block with his back to the basket and also when he faces up.  As a face guy on the block, he impressed with his feel and passing ability.

Jesus Rice #0 2024 North Point Youth

There won’t be a better name out there this weekend and tonight Rice deserved the attention.  The combo guard with arms to his knees was affective working the baseline where he caught and ripped through for short pull ups or dump offs to teammates in the paint.  He found himself at the line a bunch of times this game, a great sign for a guard that keeps the ball in hand a ton and he was successful. I counted him at 6-7! from the stripe. And of course, those long arms came in handy on the defensive end where he came up time and time again with deflections.

Nico Sims #5 2024 PSB Elite Tampa

It’s refreshing to see a player affect the game by solely relying on scoring the ball.  The speedy floor general led his team from start to finish.  The lefty is lightning quick, exploiting defenders of the dared to shade him to one side instead of guarding him straight up.  He couldn’t be stopped in ball screen action due to the bigs not being able to contain him as he came off the screen shoulder to shoulder.  His passing was infectious as PSB lead all teams in the extra pass category on the night.  Although he didn’t look to score much, he found offense by exploding past defenders for goat killers in the lane or right at the basket.

Kerry Willis is a contributor to On the Radar Hoops