OTR Battle at the Beach Saturday RECAP – May 22, 2023

Battle at the Beach
Wesley Chapel, Florida
May 19-21, 2023
By: Kerry Willis

Tyson Wilson # O 6’1 CG AOI

Played the game going downhill hard. When he wasn’t zooming downhill in transition, he was able to use a slick handle to create anything he wanted.  A series of tough, crafty finishes in the lane lead him to a big-time game. Wilson also was smart enough to pull some dimes out the hat after the defense geared up to target him.

Christian Brown #11 6’3 SG PSB Elite Robbie

Shooter’s shoot, and Brown knew and fulfilled his role when his number was called. In his team’s Saturday morning game, he led the defining run by knocking down five consecutive triples to help PSB pull away.  A couple of shots came in transition, with the rest coming as Brown moved effortlessly without the ball. Running the baseline, coming off screens, having his feet set and hands ready.

James Rivera 6’9 WF 2027 Austin Rivers SE Elite 15u

The 8th grade forward is a player. Yes, he certainly has a way to go in his development but at this point and time he’s pretty good.  At 6-foot-9 with fluid movements, and a good-looking stroke from the perimeter, Rivera will no doubt put himself on the radar of many scouts and coaches.  He ran the floor like a gazelle, finishing with ease and the lefty was money from outside when his feet were set.  Building his body will be key.  His frame looks like he will get stronger before he gets bigger a la Tyshaun Prince.

Sinan Huan 7’0 C 2026 Austin Rivers SE Elite 15u

Special is the word used to describe Huan. Already a legit 7 feet, I don’t think I have seen a player his age and size possess the mobility that he has.  Huan has a great pair of hands and today he didn’t drop a pass and he was able to bring in rebounds out of his area.  He has good recovery time to go along with his mobility.  Offensively his skill allows him to be a presence on the block, in transition, and he looked comfortable operating away from the basket.

Caleb Gatewood 6’5 F 2024 Team Gritty

Gatewood is a highlight reel whose engine never turns off.  He’s a pogo stick that used his athleticism to play above the rim and on the glass.  From chase down blocks, to catching mobs over the arms of stretched out opponents Gatewood was must see tv on Saturday afternoon.

Mathis Roberts 6’2 CG 2025 Team Speights

Roberts got his afternoon game going with a one handed breakaway dunk and after that he continued his solid play with a handful of midrange jumpers and intangible plays.  It’s said he’s a big time DB on the football field and that translates to his defense on the court.  He’s a physical ball hawk that turned ball handlers the entire game.  Quick feet and a very strong base allow him to direct opponents where he wants them to go.

Ramone Seals 6’5 2025 SG Born To Impact Elite

Enjoyed watching Seals and his aggressive brand of play for the past couple of days.  His strength on the wind was hard to match as he bullied his way through defenders in the half court setting.  Always in attack mode, Seals made good decisions with the ball and was able to create opportunities for his teammates. He constantly ran the floor and was often the exclamation mark at the end of the break.

Christopher Washington 6’7 2026 SF Trey Mann Elite

This kid keeps getting better and better from years ago when he was ordained as one of the best 7th graders in the country.  Washington has become a better shooter, even knocking down a few behind the arc off dribble moves. The length has always been there, the difference is now as he’s gotten stronger, he’s become a bit more explosive on both ends of the floor.

Justin Johnson 6’7 SF 2023 SOH Elite

I feel that Johnson is the prototypical small forward. Perfect size for the position, he can create off the dribble, get to his spots a pull up on a dime, he makes good decisions with the ball, with the athleticism to match. Throughout high school he was the go-to guy, but on the SOH team he has to fit in with multiple pieces and he’s excepted that role while thriving around good players.

Elyjah Freeman 6’6 WF 2024 Wellington Wolves

Freeman might be considered a sleeper or underrated to many, but people in the Florida area know him well. He’s not flashy, or eye popping but effective. He was a mid-range killer today, using one or two dribbles before pulling up. He’s much quicker than he looks, a deceptive first step allowed him to stay in the paint consistently.

Kerry Willis is a contributor to On the Radar Hoops