OTR Hoops: 2025 North Carolina Front Court Players on the Radar – January 29, 2024

Here is a list of players we expect to increase their recruitment this year from North Carolina.

By: Bilal Benjamin

Ira Wilson | 6’7” | Raleigh Christian Academy (Pictured Above)

Wilson has a powerful inside presence. He’s consistently looking to slam the ball through the net as he glides to the rim. He gets easy buckets by running the floor hard. In addition to his scoring prowess in the post, Wilson is an excellent disturber for his size and position. He sees the floor like a guard and passes well out of double teams. On the other side of the ball, Wilson has good mechanics and can defend multiple positions. He moves his feet on the perimeter and can bang in the post. He is a sleeper in North Carolina who ought to wake up the college coaches this spring. Wilson currently holds an over from Shaw University.

Dylan Clark | 6’8” | Mooresville

Clark is a player that has taken a leap every single season. His work ethic shows in his play. Clark is a beast on the boards and has good footwork in the mid-low post area. Clark chooses to flush the ball rather than laying it in. His quick twitches and leaping ability are very sound for a big man. Clark is a player to watch as he continues to develop at a rapid pace.

Levon Jacobs | 6’9” | Davidson Day

The elevation of Jacobs’ game has increased his stock. The athleticism Jacobs possesses allows his production level to be sky high on both sides of the ball. He finishes above the rim with authority. In today’s age of basketball, the best part of Jacobs’ game may be his ability to be the ball handler or a screen setter in pick and roll action. On the flip side, Jacobs can effectively defend the ball handler and roller in pick and roll action. He is a big-time prospect that coaches will be aiming for this May and July.

Bryson Cowan | 6’10” | Northside Christian Academy

Cowan is an imposing force in the interior on both ends of the floor. With a towering height of 6-foot-10, he instantly commands attention. On offense, Cowan dominates the paint with his size and strength, consistently outmuscling opponents for rebounds and scoring opportunities near the basket and looks to dunk everything. His towering presence also serves as an obstacle for opposing players attempting to drive to the rim, often leading to blocked shots and altered shots. Cowan’s impact on both ends of the floor cannot be overstated, as his interior presence is a game-changer for any team he is on.