OTR Hoops – ’25 North Carolina Backcourt Players On the Radar – January 27, 2024

Here are players we expect to increase their recruitment this year in the state of North Carolina.

By: Bilal Benjamin

Jeremiah Henson | 6’0” | Clayton

Henson is coming into his own. He’s averaging 11.3 points, 5 rebounds, 3.7 assists and 2.3 steals per game. His shooting form is consistent, and his release is quick, making it difficult for defenders to contest his shots. Additionally, Henson ball-handling skills has increased allowing him to set up plays for his team and add the playmaking dimension to his game. Henson can create his own shot opportunities using his agility and quickness. His two-way capabilities are something to pay attention to.

Nathan Fife | 6’1” | Sanderson

Recently returning to action Fife scored his 1,000 point of his high school career this season. His expertise lies in his dribble drive and shifty moves, which allows him to get past defenders with ease. He possesses a high basketball IQ, enabling him to read the game and react accordingly. Fife’s shot mechanics are special for a player at this stage in his career. He currently holds offers from Charleston and Furman. There is a big spring and summer loading ahead.

Ahmari Hicks | 6’2” | East Mecklenburg

Hicks shoots the ball with supreme confidence. With his accuracy, he consistently hits shots from all three levels on the court. Additionally, he is a skilled shot creator, able to generate scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates through his patient ball handling and court vision. He is one of the most efficient players in NC from beyond the arc and mid-range. Hicks will be even more effective during the travel season when teams cannot prepare for him like they can in the high school season.

CJ Purdie | 6’3” | Combine Academy

Purdie is efficient on both ends of the floor, scoring and defensively disrupting opposing guards on the ball. He is also a sound playmaker. He has a high basketball IQ and the ability to make plays even when nothing appears to be avaiable. Overall, Purdie’s skill set, combined with his physical attributes being a bigger guard make him a force in the backcourt. He currently holds offers from University of New Orleans and Samford.

Christian Wilkins | 6’4” | 1 of 1 Academy

Wilkins, had a successful live period last summer, showcasing his triple threat ability. With his skill set and development he is poised to have an even more remarkable spring and summer. Wilkins’ ability to consistently impact the game in various ways tends to set him apart. He currently holds offers from Upstate and Arizona State. Many more may be on the horizon for the all-around combo guard.

Nick Hailey | 6’6” | Providence Day

Hailey excels as a combo guard. Hailey gets the job done using his length to his advantage on the perimeter. He has a good mixture of size, scoring ability, and rebounding skills for a guard. Expect Hailey to be on a ton of recruiting boards during the evaluation period.