OTR Hoops: Battle at the Villages Day 2 Standouts – May 6, 2024

THE VILLAGES, Fla.– On The Radar Hoops returned to the Sunshine State for the third time this season. Teams from across the state of Florida, as well as the Southeast Region, are on display. Our media team was in full force sharing the spotlight on the stars who played their best. Here are the top standouts from Sunday:

 By: Ross Van De Griek

2025 6-6 Wing Cameron Bryant (Sunshine Elite)

Bryant, A 6-6 junior wing played with a combination skill set of size, length, and athleticism on both ends of the floor throughout the weekend. His ability to catch and shoot on the break was impeccable as his release was unmatched for opposing guards to challenge. On the defensive end, Bryant also did a good job when picking up in the half-court as his footwork and ability to get to certain spots were unmatched. Bryant was also a force on the glass when it came to battling for rebounds as he continues to become a matchup nightmare for opponents.

2027 6-3 CG Ryan Gornto (OBG Elite)

Gornto continues to be one of the most prolific sharp-shooters and has a huge upside as the spring and summer continue to roll on. He was effective whether it was off the bounce or catch. Defensively, Gornto has an underrated skill set when it comes to applying pressure on and off the ball. Look for coaches to be on his radar as he is just a freshman, but his IQ and maturity continue to flourish every time he steps onto the floor.

2026 5-11 PG Evan Hines (Above Academy)

Hines is a highly touted IQ with a ton of poise and promise in the offensive game where he makes the right decisions when he has the basketball in his hands. He became very viable in the open court where his ability to shoot from the perimeter continued to improve throughout the weekend. Defensively, Hines can guard multiple positions as he has great court awareness as well as underrated athleticism when it comes to challenging shots at the rim.

2025 6-8 PF Amari Davis (Sunshine Elite)

Davis, listed as a 6-8 combo forward has a long frame where he can force multiple defenders at him and still finish with authority. Defensively, he is very quick for his size and continues to impress with his footwork. Offensively, he has grown his game into becoming a viable three-level scoring threat. His ball-handling skills also continue to improve where he is very comfortable out on the perimeter with very strong instincts on his decision making. College coaches should be attracted to him in the next couple of weeks as his length and size speak for itself.

2026 6-0 PG Bryce Howson (AE5 Florida)

Howson was playing up with their 17U program this weekend, Howson has continued to grow his game and impact the game in a variety of ways. Howson also showed his abilities as a quick and athletic guard where he can get to the rim against the best of them. Major upside heading into the rest of the spring and summer.

2027 5-9 PG Dylan Scheets (Above Academy)

Scheets, listed at 5-9 played tougher than his size indicates as he brings a ton of physicality to his game on the defensive end. On the offensive end, Scheets plays with a ton of confidence where he can score from the perimeter whether it’s off the bounce or catch. Look for a ton of growth in Scheets’ game over the next couple of years.

2024 6-5 Wing Quantavius Tillman (AE5 Florida)

The 6-5 wing is one of the toughest two-way players that remain unsigned in this year’s senior class. Tillman brings a tough edge where he brings a load of scrappiness and his efforts around the rim have been impeccable. On the defensive end, Tillman brought his length and athleticism with him where he can challenge shots against the best of them. He also has a ton of speed to his game and he could be a major threat to a college program.

2025 6-2 SG Jake Harbatkin (Wellington Wolves Select)

The 6-2 junior shooting guard displayed a ton of confidence on the offensive end where he can knock down shots from the perimeter whether it’s off the bounce or catch. He also stood out by making a ton of hustle plays where he wins the 50/50 possessions and is a very hard-nosed rebounder when it comes to battling on the glass. Harbatkin is very dangerous and efficient on the offensive end and is a true difference maker when he’s out on the floor.