OTR Hoops: Florida Opening Standouts from @CourtCred – March 25, 2024

Here is a list of standouts from the The Opening in Florida.

By: Kerry Willis

Isaac Timmons 6’5 2025 F Ocala Wildcats

In a low scoring contest that found itself in overtime, Timmons was a bright spot with his patience and solid moves in the paint.  He never rushed or forced shots, while being alert enough to feel double teams before they converged on him.  In overtime it was his go-ahead layup after spinning middle that put and kept the Wildcats on top for a victory in the morning session.

Emanuel Augustin 5’9 2024 PG Harris Athletics

In this game small guards must be big factors in the game. Augustin’s contribution came on the defensive end and in transition. He is a bulldog when on the ball defending, he frustrated and picked pockets all game which lead to easy baskets for his team.  He reports a 3.6 GPA, and it translated as he made the right plays, pushed tempo, and kept his team alert all contest.

Steve Achille 6’4 2027 W OBG Elite

One of the more impressive 2027 players we’ve seen thus far this spring was Achille. He sports the body, mentality, and the skill level right now to be a force going forward. Achille averaged around 15 points per game during his freshman season and today he seemed to be right around that season average.  He plays a physical style with barreling drives to the basket where he can either get to the cup or choose to stop and pop. He used strong rip throughs on baseline drives to get to the free throw line where he showed a solid stroke. He only took wide open deep shots, which was refreshing to see from a young player.

Denzel Ruddock 6’5 2024 SG FCA Saints

The game comes easy for Ruddock. He was physically and mentally ahead of the curve, as he played the entire game at his own pace.  Ruddock boasts a natural physique that served him well when carving out space to rebound and carry people to the rim attacking the paint.  The lefty shoots the ball with ease from 27 feet, and used both hands to make cross court passes when coming down hill after using a high pick and roll.

Madden Geiger 6’9 2027 F BTI Pressure Elite

The freshman big has a good chance for his name to be mentioned with the elite in the coming years.  These days bigs need to be able to stretch the floor, and Geiger seemed to be the best natural shooter in the gym. Right now, he’s slight of frame, but still managed to get deep in the post and bury his defender on the offensive end.  He moves well, and although his teammates rarely found him on the move, he ran the floor almost every trip down. A skilled big who earlier in the month received an offer from Alabama. Be prepared for more of those to roll in as he continues to develop.

Jay Guillaume 6’8 2024 PF BTI Pressure Unsigned

Big, mean guys in the paint get things done. This unsigned senior is on a mission to play at the next level, and what he showed today was more than worthy of him getting a shot.  If anything moved in the paint, he was on it. He crashed the glass like his future depended on it, and with a pair of strong hands I don’t think he didn’t pull anything down that he got his hands on. He’s a low maintenance big, so although plays weren’t run for him, he was still effective in finishing off dump off passes and offensive rebounds.  On the college level he gets in the floor due to his defense and rebounding which no doubt would translate.