OTR Hoops – Future Phenoms Back Court Players to Know – December 17, 2023

Future Phenoms To Know (Backcourt 2028’s)

By: Bilal Benjamin 

AJ Williams | 6’5” | GA  (pictured above)

Williams consistently scores at a high rate. Standing at 6’5”, playing the guard position, Williams usually has the size advantage, but his skills is what really stands out. Despite being an 8th grader, Williams is currently playing on the JV team for Elca. In addition to his scoring ability, Williams is also actively developing his leadership skills and playmaking qualities, further enhancing overall skillset. He’s recently received his first offer from Mississippi State.

Skyler Bostic | 5’9” | GA

Bostic, a lead guard, demonstrated an unparalleled point of attack. He tore up every major camp he attended last summer. With both tangible and intangible qualities, Bostic possesses the necessary attributes to become one of the top lead guards in the nation throughout high school. His performance and potential are undeniable, making him a player to watch in 2028. Keep an eye on Bostic as he continues to grow.

Brielen Craft | 5’8” | GA

As far as skill set, Craft has one of the best in 2028. Between his ball handling, shooting and ability to operate out of the pick and roll Craft is consistently improving. Although his shooting may be his best attribute, Craft’s playmaking is developing rapidly. He’s learning where to place the ball for bigs and as he draws in the defense, he makes the right play by kicking the ball out. Craft is a player that can take the game over in seconds. He’s gifted offensively.

Aston Chappell | 5’10” | GA

Aston Chappell is having a remarkable final season of middle school ball. He has been consistently averaging 20 points per game. However, his true strength lies in his defensive skills and overall understanding of the game. Chappell’s defense is evident in his ability to anticipate opposing player’s moves and disrupt their play throughout the game. Additionally, his deep understanding of the game allows him to make strategic decisions that benefit his team no matter the personnel. Chappell’s two-way capabilities will take him far.

Jaden McCullough | 6’2” | GA

McCullough has made one of the most significant improvements in the class of 2028. In just six months, McCullough has shown remarkable progress and skill development. Yes, he can score the ball efficiently, but he possesses excellent court vision and has a knack for making smart, strategic plays. McCullough’s ability to read the game and make quick decisions will have coaches calling about him sooner than later. By far one of the biggest leaps in 2028.

Joshua Anderson | 5’9” | GA

Anderson has proven himself to be a sharpshooter. Throughout the year, he has diligently improved his all-around skill set. It is worth noting that his father, Derek Anderson, had a highly successful career in the NBA. Anderson’s shooting skills are exceptional for his age, consistently hitting shots from various spots on the court. This precision is a result of his obsession with the game. He has worked on improving his ball handling, passing, and defensive abilities. This well-rounded approach to the game has allowed him to contribute to multiple facets and make an immense impact on both ends of the court. Sleeper to star, loading.