OTR Hoops – Future Phenoms – Frontcourt Names to Know – December 15, 2023

Future Phenoms To Know (Frontcourt 2028’s)

By: Bilal Benjamin 

Bentley Lusakueno | 6’7” | GA (pictured above)

Lusakueno, a lengthy 6’7″ wing, possesses exceptional skills and exhibits high major D1 potential. His ability to score from all three levels of the court so effectively at his size speaks volumes to his potential. With a consistent shooting stroke, he can knock down shots from beyond the arc, mid-range, and he’s extremely efficient in the restricted area. Additionally, Lusakueno’s defensive prowess is something to note, as he consistently showcases sound technique and discipline. Scouts and coaches should closely monitor his progress, as he has the potential to excel at the highest level of collegiate basketball.

Erick Dampier Jr | 6’9” | MS

The #1 player in the class of 2028 plays with a chip on his shoulder. Dampier is the definition of defensive enforcer. He defends the pick and roll at an elite level because he makes up so much ground. Along with altering and blocking shots at a high clip. As for his high IQ offense, Dampier Jr, seals off the paint as well as any 8th grader I’ve ever witnessed. He has an extremely good touch around the rim and solid footwork. Overall, Dampier Jr is dominant.

Laron Mack | 6’6” | FL

Mack’s abilities extend far beyond his stature. With his next level athleticism, he has the rare talent to play multiple positions with ease. Whether it’s dominating the paint with his strong post moves or showcasing his agility on the perimeter and defending wings and shooting guards. Mack’s versatility is truly exceptional. He can swiftly transition from offense to defense. He’s also one of very few bigs that runs the floor with intentions to follow up or receive the ball in stride. Mack’s ability to change direction effortlessly and maintain control of the ball speaks volumes.

Peter Julius | 6’9” | GA

To fully appreciate Julius’ potential, one must track his journey. His ability to rebound, keep the ball high and try to dunk everything highlights the solid fundamentals he has developed with the Georgia Stars. Julius’ understanding of offensive and defensive strategies is continuing to evolve. He is a dominant presence off of pure instincts and athleticism. As he continues to tie in the basketball IQ and footwork, expect Julius to be a highly sought after D1 prospect.

Austin Dennard | 6’6” | GA

Dennard is one of the most physically opposing bigs in the class of 2028. In addition to his physical prowess, Dennard also has a great l basketball IQ. He has a keen understanding of the game, demonstrating excellent decision-making skills and court vision, especially out of the double team. Dennard has developed a nice looking jump shot as he can step out of the post and be effective from the mid-range and long-range area. Overpowering modern day big is the best way to describe Dennard.

LJ Byrd | 6’6” | GA

Byrd is another forward in 2028 that has the ability to jump out of the gym. Don’t jump with him and go up strong against him or he will make you pay. Solid two-way threat that excels in the open floor. His height, speed, agility, and will set him apart from most of his peers. As he continues to develop his skills, such as an in between game and consistent jump shot, Byrd has the potential to be a force in high school from day 1!