OTR Hoops: Georgia Playmaker Watch – February 17, 2024

In this article we highlight some of the best playmakers in the state of Georgia. These are players who are successfully leading the charge for their high schools

By: Bilal Benjamin

Gage Voyles | 2025 | 6’3” | Coahulla Creek | Dalton, GA

Voyles plays at a fast pace and is at his best in the open floor. His solid shooting skills, strong ball-handling ability, and excellent court vision make him a well-rounded playmaker. Voyles is a promising basketball prospect that can be effective in either position in the backcourt. His instinctual play and versatility pay dividends on the floor.

Huey Blalock | 2026 | 5’10” | Rabun County | Tiger, GA

Blalock is such a team player that making an extra pass is second nature to him. He leads all sophomores in assists with 8.4 per game. Blalock also shows his ability to rebound the ball at a high level for a guard with 4.4 per game. Not to mention he is stellar with putting the ball in the basket himself. Blalock averages 16 points per game. He’s a very well-rounded lead guard. His dedication to perfecting plays makes the offense tough to defend when he’s leading the charge. Blalock is the fundamentally sound lead guard a program desires to have.

Andrew Taylor III | 2026 | 5’7” | Therrell | Atlanta, GA

Taylor’s dedication to his craft is evident with his tireless work ethic and commitment to improving his skills. He spends countless hours in the gym crafting and practicing his shooting technique, refining his footwork, and increasing his ball handling. He’s a true student of the game. His leadership uplifts any team he is on. Taylor, being one of the leaders amongst sophomores in assists comes as no surprise. His impact on the game extends beyond his scoring ability, but he can light it up. One of his best attributes is his contribution on the defensive end with his active hands and quick reflexes, often leading to steals and fast break opportunities. Taylor is an exceptional lead guard who dominates the game in a multitude of ways.

Grant Robich | 2027 | 5’9” | North Cobb Christian | Kennesaw, GA (Pictured at Top)

Robich’s commitment to being a true team player is evident in his selfless approach to the game. He prioritizes making the right play and getting his teammates involved, rather than seeking personal glory. He’s the leading assist man on a young but talented ball club. His exceptional court vision and passing ability allow him to create opportunities for his teammates and keep the offense flowing smoothly. Overall, Robich’s combination of leadership, shooting prowess, and team-first mentality make him an asset to this powerhouse team in the making.

Langston Jones | 2027 | 5’9” | Woodland | Stockbridge, GA

Jones is one of the most elusive combo guards in Georgia. This versatility allows him to adapt to different defensive schemes and consistently put points on the board and get his teammates involved. Jones is a force in pick and roll play. He can shoot off the pick or hit the screener in stride. As far as shoot creation for himself and other along with three-level scoring, Jones makes the right play with flare.

Ty Shine | 2027 | 5’11” | Curtis Baptist | Augusta, GA

Shine is a combo guard that can score effectively from all areas of the floor. His skill set, work ethic, and basketball IQ make him a matchup problem game in and game out. The way he plays the game one would think he’s more of an upperclassman. Shine is efficient around the basket, as he slices through defenses and get to the cup at will. Shine finds teammates in stride as he knows exactly where they like the ball. Shine is a freshman to watch.

Jaylen Dallas | 2027 | 6’0” | Trinity Christian Griffin | Griffin, GA

It’s been noted that Trinity Christian Griffin is having a historical season. Freshman Jaylen Dallas is leading all of Georgia in assists with 9.7 per game and made all region. He’s a huge reason for all the success. The shifty lead guard is also averaging 11 points per game. His offensive efficiency is through the roof and his team is flourishing. Buy stock now!

Bilal R. Benjamin is the Basketball Operations Coordinator for On the Radar Hoops. Upon coming on board, he founded 1st Love Basketball where he serves as a scout, journalist and showcase operator. He is a former basketball trainer and coach. Bilal trained players in grassroots hoops all the way up to professional. His journalism and scouting career have been far more extensive than training and coaching already. He began scouting in 2016 and eventually took on journalism along with scouting full time in July of 2019 when he founded 1st Love Basketball. Bilal has covered and evaluated some of the best in grassroots all the way to the NBA.