OTR Hoops: Georgia Stars E15 are Legit and Elite – May 16, 2024

Georgia Stars Fab Five

Georgia Stars E15s has their own version of the “Fab 5” featuring, Nasir Anderson, Brock Bass Bonner, Justin Wise, Marcus Curry, and Josh Smith Jr. Who were all freshmen this season. As the travel season unfolds, they’ve all come together to play on this Stars team with one common goal, develop and thrive.

Nasir Anderson, 6’2” guard who makes the engine go for this Stars team. His tenacity and energy rubs off on his teammates. Anderson is impossible to stay in front of, at least I haven’t seen anyone complete the task. His athleticism and jumper are coming along beautifully. He works extremely well in the backcourt with Justin Wise, 6’3 guard who is a flat-out shooter. Mid-range and long-range, Wise is efficient. He’s also an underrated defender. Wise led North Oconee in scoring a few games this season, and it’s not surprising with his ability to heat up at any moment.

Marcus Curry is a lengthy 6’5”, athletic guard who can also play on the wing. Curry is at his best in the open floor. He’s lightning quick with the ball and has unbelievable instincts off a live dribble. Curry defends 1-4 for the Stars. Intriguing two-way prospect to monitor.

Brock Bass Bonner, standing at 6’7” has not started scratching the surface of how good he can be. He’s a unique forward that can play on the wing and inside. Bonner has the capabilities to step out and hit the three ball, which is key for the Stars spread offense. Body Bag Brock! A name I started referring to him after he began creating posters in 8th grade. After a stellar freshman season, Bass Bonner is looking to capitalize on it this spring and summer.

Josh Smith Jr, son of former NBA star Josh Smith, has a ton of potential. Now standing at 6’5”, Smith Jr is beginning to create his own name. It’s safe to say he is a sharpshooter. Smith Jr moves well without the ball and knows how to pick his spots. He also defends! He will make a huge impact on this team with how many guys they have who can effectively drive and kick.

Stars Big Man Dynamic Duo

Not only does The Stars has elite guards and wings, but their bigs do their jobs at a high level. Jaquavion Gilmore 6’7”, 2027 forward and Peter Julius 6’9”, 2028 center control the paint with purpose. Whether it’s altering shots without fouling or securing rebounds so opposing teams don’t get second chance opportunities, these two are consistently working on the defensive end. Offensively, Gilmore has a soft touch and solid footwork that makes him a tough cover in the post. Julius is looking to dunk every pass he receives in the interior just as a big man of his size, strength and stature should.

Overall, The Georgia Stars E15s are legit and elite. They could be special. I hope they stay together, grow together, and win together. Let’s see if they stay the course.