OTR Hoops: Highlighting Georgia’s Best Scorers – February 5, 2024

Georgia has a wide range of skillful hoopers. Some players are taking advantage of the increased pace of play and scoring the ball at a high clip. Here we highlight some of the top scorers in Georgia.

By: Bilal Benjamin

Matt Allen | 6’3” | 2026 | Gatewood (Eatonton) | 32.3 ppg (Pictured Above)

Allen is only sophomore averaging a remarkable 32.3 points per game. His scoring ability has made a significant impact on his team’s performance. Allen’s has excellent shooting mechanics and a strong understanding of how to get to his spots. He can score inside and outside. He is extremely patient and allows the game to come to him. That is what makes his scoring outbursts that much more profound. To be the best sophomore scorer in the state speaks volumes.

Carter Mccarn | 6’5” | 2025 | GFCHS (Sugar Hill) | 28.4 ppg

Mccarn is currently averaging an impressive 28.4 points per game. Standing at 6’5, he towers over a good number of guards and uses his body well to finish. Known for his aggressive and assertive playing style, Mccarn dominates the game with his tenacity and determination. He is a nightmare to plan for. His ability to get downhill at his size with body control and ball control will take him far.

Caleb Jones | 6’3” | 2025 | Benedictine (Savannah) | 28.2 ppg

Jones is currently averaging 28.2 points per game. He is one of the best pure scorers in the class of 2025. With his efficiency and skill, Jones consistently finds ways to put the ball in the basket. Jones scores in this fashion all year around. He has had travel games where he dropped 30+ points on multiple occasions, along with nailing 7+ threes in a few contests as well. Running with the Atlanta Celtics this travel season will put more eyes on Jones. If you want instant offense this is your guy.

Emory Berry | 6’1” | 2024 | KHCHS (Lilburn) | 25.1 ppg

Berry is currently averaging 25.1 points per game. He is a shifty guard who consistently makes plays on the court. With his quickness and agility, Berry can create scoring opportunities all over the floor. His ability to weave through defenders and find open lanes is impressive. Berry is one of the best scorers in Georgia’s 2024 class. We are intrigued to see who takes a chance on him at the next level.

Bilal R. Benjamin is the Basketball Operations Coordinator for On the Radar Hoops. Upon coming on board, he founded 1st Love Basketball where he serves as a scout, journalist and showcase operator. He is a former basketball trainer and coach. Bilal trained players in grassroots hoops all the way up to professional. His journalism and scouting career have been far more extensive than training and coaching already. He began scouting in 2016 and eventually took on journalism along with scouting full time in July of 2019 when he founded 1st Love Basketball. Bilal has covered and evaluated some of the best in grassroots all the way to the NBA.