OTR Hoops – Sewer Classic Back Court Eye Catchers – December 11, 2023

On the Radar Director of Basketball Operations Bilal Benjamin stopped in at Etowah High School last weekend to check out the talent at the Wood Elite Sewer Classic. He brings us the standout back court performers from the event.

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Tim Smith | 2024 | 6’4” | Central Gwinnett

Tim Smith is a highly skilled hooper who excels at scoring. With his scoring ability, Smith has the remarkable talent to score at will and from all over the floor. An undeniable three level scorer. He has spent countless hours perfecting his craft. Smith is a player I consistently see at the camps and in the gym working. His abilities come as no surprise. He can create his own shot, combined with his quickness and agility, makes him a nightmare for defenders to guard. Smith scored 24 points in Central Gwinnett’s win at the Sewer Classic.

Lawrence Sanford | 2025 | 6’2” | Guard | Cherokee

Lawrence Sanford possesses an extraordinary scoring ability. Lawrence achieved a staggering 40 points in one game this season. Showcasing his talent and dedication to winning. Cherokee doesn’t have the strongest roster this season, but they fight, scratch, claw and don’t give up. Lawrence Sanford is undoubtedly a player to watch, as his scoring prowess is top tier. Big travel season loading for Sanford.

Victor Julio | 2024 | 5’9” | Guard | Furtah Prep

It’s noted and on record that the lead guard is my favorite position to evaluate. A lot of smaller guards don’t get a fair shake. Julio deserves a look. He protects the ball and keeps his team under control. Julio makes the game very easy for his 7’1” teammate, Rauan Rodrigues. His ability to read the defense, scan the floor and make split-second decisions on the court sets him apart from other players in his position. Julio played both ends as he anticipated plays and made crucial on-ball steals to seal the victory at the Sewer Classic for Furtah Prep. Julio finished with 12 points and 12 assists. Just one turnover!

D’Marion Floyd | 2024 | 6’0” | Guard | Darlington

Not only does Floyd excel individually, but he also has a positive impact on the overall performance of Darlington. His leadership qualities and work ethic inspire his teammates to elevate their game. Floyd’s ability to make smart decisions on the court and create scoring opportunities for his teammates and himself makes him a valuable playmaker. Moreover, his versatility allows him to seamlessly transition between different positions, adapting to the team’s needs and contributing to their success.

Jayden Bone | 2025 | 6’2” | Guard | Eagles Landing Christian Academy

Jayden Bone, a big guard for Eagles Landing Christian Academy, is a versatile and excels in multiple areas of the game. He scores, rebounds, and defends. Bone’s offensive game is well-rounded, as he can drive to the basket with strength and agility, as well as shoot from mid-range and beyond the arc with accuracy. Additionally, Bone’s strong defensive presence disrupts opponents’ plays and limits their scoring opportunities. Great watch list addition.

Shamar Madden | 2028 | 6’3” | Guard | Arlington Christian Academy

Shamar Madden, an 8th grader has made an impressive impact on the varsity team at Arlington Christian Academy by being a starter in their back court. Despite his young age, Madden has a ton of potential. At the Sewer Classic he scored an impressive 18 points at the Sewer Classic. Madden’s early success on the varsity team shows his ability to seamlessly integrate into the team and perform at such a high level even if it’s a year before his time. As a young player with this level of upside, Madden’s future in basketball looks promising.

Jack Bell | 2024 | 6’3” | Darlington • 10 pts

Jack Bell delivered a nice performance in the second half of the Sewer Classic for Darlington even though they came up short. More than the scoring, Bell made his presence felt. He attacked the rim to free up shooters and took advantage of scoring opportunities himself. His sharp shooting skills were on full display as he made the good looks he got.

Davon Aikens | 2024 | 6’0” | Guard | Arlington Christian Academy

Davon Aikens scored 19 points at the Sewer Classic. Aikens navigates through defenders and creates his own shot at a high clip. Aikens’ shifty ball handling and sharp shooting skills were on full display. He was one of the top guards in the game.