OTR Hoops – Standout Performers from The Opening – March 18, 2024

Standout performers from The Opening last weekend in Marietta.

By: Kerry Willis

Elijah Davis 2026 PG Ga Canes

Davis was an absolute ball hawk from the tip off. His quick feet destroyed defenders as he cut off driving lanes in the early morning game. On the offensive end his handle and first step afforded him the ability to make a living in the lane and at the free throw line.  Davis’s vision was a vital part of his game as well, driving baseline on a few occasions only to find cutters and spot up shooters in the opposite corner.

Jacob Bryant 6’3 2025 CG Hype Hawks AD

Very impressed with his court awareness, how he picked his spots to score or get teammates involved, and his overall competitiveness. Coming off some big games this past high school including a 40-point outing, Bryant is poised to attract some college looks. He was very under control and polished today. Would like to see him more vocal, but his game spoke volumes.

Jacobi Robinson 6’2 2025 SG EYA Sports Black

Coming off of back-to-back State Titles the Sandy Creek guard looks to step up into more of a lead role with this team this spring. He got himself off to a good start with some sharp shooting in his morning game.  Hands and feet continued to stay ready to receive passes and let the ball fly.  Robinson converted on some powerful drives as well, showing nice upper body strength as he carried defenders to the rim with him.  When he’s on the floor he’s such a threat even when he doesn’t have the ball due to his shooting ability.  Teams can’t help off of him. Finishes with 29 points in game one.

Miller Moody 6’10 2025 C Sewer South

A throwback player in every sense of the word. Moody is a big-bodied center that carved his way through traffic in the paint the entire game.  A below the rim player that can score with either hand, is patient, and has a go to jump hook that lead him to score on key possessions.  Moody knows his limitations, especially defensively where he didn’t pick up careless fouls by swatting at shots.  Rather he walled up opponents in the paint keeping himself in good rebounding position.

Masiah Jones 6’8 2024  F EYA Sports Black

Jones was the first big of the morning that had a strong impact on the game. He’s long, he’s lean, he’s active and plays hard enough to affect the game.  With more polish he fits the mold as a stretch forward in a sense that he can straight line drive from the perimeter and was put in some pick and pop situations.  A college weight room will only improve his explosiveness and finishing ability, but with good hands he pulled down rebounds and challenged shots.

Zach Bleshoy 2025 6’4 G Atlanta Timberwolves

Crafty, sneaky athletic, with a high IQ is Bleshoy. Apparently, he put up big scoring numbers during his junior season and today he showed that he was capable of doing the same alongside some solid players.  His creativity in the paint allowed him to continuously make stops at the free throw line, and after he finished a few over the rim defenders backed off him.  By staying in the passing lanes coming up deflections it forced the offense to look away from whoever he was guarding.  Bleshoy looked to be the most next level ready prospect on the day.

Jayddence Ford 2026 5’9 PG Team Scoot Pro 16

Players from South, Georgia have loads to prove when they make their way up to play in Atlanta.  Ford is no different and he’s had good success at On the radar Hoops events. Today was no different as he lead the way with 16 points in a win. You could say Ford is a dynamic scorer for his size, and it takes him no time at all to heat up.  He’s the type of player that can change the momentum of a game with an electric play.  Scoring has been his calling card, but today you could see more maturity in his game as he controlled his team’s pace from the point position.

Kerry Willis is a contributor to On the Radar Hoops