OTR Hoops – Stock Rising 2025s – January 16, 2024

2025s to watch (Stock Risers)

As the spring travel season approaches, here are a few 2025’s to track going into the spring travel season.

By: Bilal Benjamin

Bilal Osman | W | Creekside Christian

Osman, is a 6-foot-8 wing, who has an impressive range of skills. With his height and athleticism, he has the ability to dominate both ends of the floor. Offensively, Osman can score from anywhere on the court, whether it is shooting from beyond the arc, driving to the basket, or pulling up for mid-range jumpers. His versatility allows him to create mismatches and exploit the weaknesses of opposing defenses. Osman’s passing may be his best attribute. Defensively, Osman’s length and quickness make him a formidable presence. He can guard multiple positions, disrupt passing lanes, and block shots. He’s one of the best available wings in 2025.

Cedric Taylor | F | Creekside Christian

Taylor is a 6’10” forward who excels at stretching the floor and playing inside. With his height advantage, Taylor poses a significant threat to opponents both in terms of scoring and defending. To counter Taylor’s impact, opponents must be prepared to defend both the perimeter and the paint. To maximize his effectiveness, Taylor should be utilized strategically. He’s very coachable and is consistently improving.

Jarvis Wright | G | Ware County

Wright has nice size at the guard position and can handle pressure well. He excels in the big moments. Wright recently exploded scoring 47 points and nailing 12 three-pointers. Wright is an elite shooter and scorer. His finesse skillset stands out immediately. Wright also has a high basketball IQ. Keep an eye on Wright as he continues to dominate heading into the state playoffs.

Yusef Bowyer | G | Jackson

Bowyer, a diminutive guard, consistently makes impactful plays on both ends of the floor. Despite his smaller stature, he possesses remarkable agility and speed, allowing him to swiftly navigate through defenders and create scoring opportunities for his team. He can really light it up from deep as well. In addition to Bowyer’s offensive repertoire, his defensive prowess is a sight to see. He possesses quick hands and exceptional anticipation skills, which often leading to steals and disrupted plays for the opposing team. Expect a huge spring for Bowyer.

Elijah Milliner | G | Brookwood

Milliner can score from all areas of the court. The lengthy guard scores in bunches. He had a breakout summer and has extended it to the fall and winter. His proficiency in shooting allows him to consistently contribute night in and night out. Milliner’s versatility on offense is evident as he can make plays by slashing or cutting to the cup. The most impressive improvement in Milliner’s game is his overall playmaking and getting his teammates good looks. Expect his recruitment to pick up this May.