OTR Hoops: Summer Jam Standouts from @CourtCred – April 22, 2024

A list of standouts from the OTR Summer Jam.

By: Kerry Willis

Cade Bennerman 6’10 C 2025 Game Elite

It will take time for this big to be able to contribute to a college program, but he’s worth taking a chance on. He moves well, quicker off his feet than you think, and has a good set of hands. Part of his maturation will be to become more physical, but I watched him assert himself in a 3-minute span that resulted in 8 points 4 rebounds.  Playing with a few college ready prospects might just fuel the confidence he needs going forward.

Jeremiah Wiley 6’5 WF 2026 Team EYA

We cannot help but to picture former Georgia high school and current USF forward Brandon Stroud when watching Wiley. A wiry 6’5, low maintenance player that does all the little things. He sets solid screens, rebounded, talked on defense, and seemed to be in the right place at the right time to receive and finish off passes. Wiley is likely to gain a few more inches as he looks to play a more pivotal role with two-time State Champions Sandy Creek next season.

Dwayne Lawton 6’2 CG 2026 Team Huncho

He plays the right way, constantly made smart winning plays that might not grab a ton of attention, and he commanded his teammates respect.  Lawton has a compact, strong body reminiscent of a Joe Dumars type which he uses to play with a low center of gravity on both sides of the ball.  His strong base makes him a big time on ball defender as he was at his best dictating where he wanted ball handlers to go. He mixed it up offensively, finding himself at the free throw line often after some sneaky athletic drives.

Jalen Wingfield 6’7 F 2026 AE5

Wingfield looks very fresh and energized on the court since he missed out on this year’s high school season.  His body has improved after trimming some of the baby fat he’s come back much leaner, quicker, and a matchup nightmare.  Over the weekend Wingfield played in both the 16/17 under divisions and what immediately stood out was the fact that he guarded two bigger, but different types of players.  In one game the soph faced a bigger, heavier opponent on the block and didn’t back down at all making it tough for his man to find angles to score. In his Sunday matchup Wingfield guarded a player that showed more from the outside, so you got a chance to see the young fella move his feet and contest perimeter shots.  He sacrificed his offensive output and absolutely dug in and guarded.  By summer’s end I predicate Wingfield’s name to ring amongst the best in the 2026 class.

Zack Harden 6’2 G 2025 Heat Check

Already committed to the University of Minnesota on a football scholarship Harden already has his journey set in motion. Today he simply showed people what a dual athlete is as he scored 25 points in an overtime win which included 20 points in the second half and a buzzer beating fadeaway three to lead his Heat Check team to victory over the Atlanta Celtics. Harden’s conditioning and strength are heads above the rest.  Without question he’s the best 50/50 ball getter of the spring sacrificing his body left and right to recover loose balls for his team.

Victor Mikic 6’9 C 2024 AOT

A Serbian big that attended Hamilton Heights this past season comes with a lot of skill.  He finished at the rim with both hands over both shoulders with ease.  He punished opponents deep in the post using sharp spin moves and by simply being more physical than others. A typical attribute of European big men is their ability to pass and Mikoc is no different. He ran high low to perfection and made crisp passes out the double team.  Although he didn’t shoot it a ton from the perimeter, he likes the trailer jumper from the top of the key.  Once all the transfer portal movement settles this is one unsigned senior that should get some looks.