OTR Hoops: Summer Jam Standouts from @CourtCred – April 22, 2024

A list of standouts from the OTR Summer Jam.

By: Kerry Willis

Zach Foster 6’4 G 2025 Atlanta Celtics

Foster did not have a monster game this morning, but he displayed all the intangibles that a lead guard should have. He has the size, speed, vision, and unselfishness to lead a team. With his long arms and quick hands, he came up with multiple deflections in the front court that lead to fast break points. Foster prefers to shoot it rather than wiggle his way to the basket, but he can be effective both ways.

Jamar Fleming Davis 6’9 C 2025 Team Thad

When Davis received passes on the block he didn’t hesitate and was no nonsense when it came to attacking the rim. He is not flashy but physical and plays with energy. Defensively his active limbs made it difficult for opponents to finish at the rim. He has great close out speed and he rebounded well out of his area.

Cortez Graham Howard 6’5 W 2025 Bobby Maze Elite

This is one player I really enjoyed watching on Saturday. His game is beyond mature for his years and when his team needed him, he came through when it counted. Poised enough to initiate the offense, and skilled enough to be the finisher on the other end. His midrange looks consisted of two dribble pull ups and bank shots off the glass. Howard doesn’t appear to be quick, although his first step gets him past everyone and immediately after he almost always made the right decision with the rock.

Hayden Clay 6’8 PF 2026 Atlanta Xpress

Clay’s skill is improving rapidly and with some impressive footwork he managed to have a very successful day. The big man was an asset in every way for his team. Scoring from the mid post and in, Clay was also responsible for pushing the pace as he rebounded the ball and got the break started himself. Clay often faces up and surveys the floor before he makes his moves.  A couple of those face up moves lead to dunks down the lane. Most of his assists came from him actually feeding the post which is such a lost art.

Bobby Buggs 6’1 CG 2026 AE5

A crafty guard always wins the crowd over and Buggs falls into that category. His ball wizardry and stop and go style a play kept defenders guessing and pleased the crowd.  Buggs didn’t do all of that to show off, but rather to create space and driving lanes.  He played a very efficient game, no wild shots, and he did what good scorers do and that’s get to the free throw line.  It will be interesting to watch Buggs’ evolution this summer as he continues to refine helps game on the Adidas circuit.

Devin Hutcherson 6’5 W 2026 Game Elite

Hutcherson has one of the bigger bodies on his team, so he had to pick up the slack on the glass today and that is exactly what he did.  I had him down for close to double digits by the end of the first half. Offensively he was simple, scoring off put backs and 15ft jumpers. Hutcherson roamed the baseline and the short corner back and forth until he was able to make himself available to catch and finish. With all his success in the paint I did not forget that he is a guard. At 6’5 he has ideal size for the wing at the next level. Running the floor in transition and the ability to defend all three guard spots should make him a commodity.