OTR Hoops: The Opening Day 2 Standouts – March 18, 2024

Here is a second edition of standouts from OTR contributor Kerry Willis of Court Cred.

Jabari Hall (Osborne HS) 6’5 F Team Scoot Pro 16

Undersized and active forward that caused so much havoc in the paint.  Shot blocking and finishing at the rim is where he excelled. Hall was good at ripping shots down off the glass and pushing the ball to get the break started.  Perimeter game is still in development, but what I like is that he didn’t hesitate to take open shots vs always trying to put the ball on the floor.

Torian Reeves (Lagrange HS) 6’4 2025 W Fresh Supreme National

Right now, he’s a rail thin wing that makes exciting plays which was enough to capture some attention.  With his length he’s an asset defensively where he guarded multiple positions on the floor always making sure not to crowd ball handlers because he doesn’t have to. He has really good recovery time, and a decent shot blocker from the guard spot. Very smooth jumper with good leaping ability.

Tayden Ware (Lakeview Academy) 6’6 2025 F Norcross Heat

He is just a solid player in many categories. Fundamental and competitive, he had a good day displaying many intangibles. He got on the floor for loose balls, snatched rebounds from opponents, and he was very vocal on the floor. Given time
and space he was able to score from the perimeter, and he made good use of his off hand against outstretched defenders when in the paint.

Preston Tuggle (Trinity Prep) 6’7 2024 F ETG

An athletic slasher that possesses an impressive wingspan is focused on some exposure this spring.  Tuggle is a face up forward that made was a deadeye from 15ft.  He had a hand full of tip ins on the day to go along with a dunk as time expired to lift his team to a two point victory.

Zain Majeed (IMG) 6’7 2027 PF Jet Academy

The skilled Florida big man is on his way to be one of the nation’s better prospects in the ‘27 class. Right now, his size and skill level no doubt set him apart, if his athleticism catches up he could be a scary prospect.  Over the weekend Majeed dominated defenders in the paint with his footwork and in between games. Players his size couldn’t keep up with his inside out.

Kerry Willis is a contributor to On the Radar Hoops