OTR Hoops – Underclassmen Standouts Go Head-to-Head – December 7, 2023

On the Radar contributor, Bilal Benjamin, brings us a recap of a recent match-up between the Walker School and North Cobb Christian. It featured four underclassmen who should be known by all basketball fans and college coaches who are interested in knowing who the next big names are to emerge from the Peach State.

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Moustapha Diop and Anderson Carey (The Walker School) – Class of 2026

Georgia’s had a top 3 player in high school basketball the past two years (Isaiah Collier, 2023 #1 and Ace Bailey, 2024 #3) according to multiple platforms. With Caleb Wilson rising in the rankings in 2025, Moustapha Diop (pictured above) has his sights set on being Georgia’s top dog in 2026. Diop has the game to be #1 in the entire 2026 class. Standing at 6’11”, Diop’s offensive skill set and defensive prowess is beginning to set him apart. The most impressive addition to Diop’s game is his patience. Obviously, that is something that comes as you mature, but not all prospects develop in game patience. Allowing the game to come to you is a big step in the maturation process. Diop can control the game on both sides of the ball. His defense is often the deciding factor as it was against North Cobb Christian. Just the way he altered shots and cleaned the glass, not allowing many second chance opportunities was the difference as The Walker School won 48-43. In addition to Diop’s dominance, fellow sophomore Anderson Carey opens the floor up for everyone with his sharpshooting and quick decision making. Carey makes precise and accurate decisions that usually gives his team an edge on the perimeter as well as the interior with Diop’s presence. As the pairing continues to grow together and exploit pick and roll play they will be an unstoppable duo.

Brock Bass Bonner and Isaiah Chandler (North Cobb Christian School) – 2027

Brock Bass Bonner is coming off a great summer and fall which resulted in receiving his first division 1 offer from Butler. Garnering the attention Bonner has received before playing any high school basketball lets you know he has high major potential. The 6’7” wing is long, agile, athletic and energetic. He brings it each time he laces his shoes up. Bonner’s a developing three level scorer and can comfortably defend 2-5. Bonner is 1 of 7 freshmen on the North Cobb Christian team. They will take their lumps, but if this group sticks together, playing in the manner they have displayed thus far then their future as a collective is high. Bonner’s teammate, Isaiah Chandler, also a freshman, is rapidly making a name for himself. Chandler’s a relentless attacker that looks to get downhill every chance he gets. His on-ball defense will be something to behold over the next four years, as Chandler is tenacious on the defensive end. I’ve witnessed him get hot from deep and make smart reads. With such huge roles as freshmen, these two will figure out things fast.