OTR Super 64 Standouts – October 4, 2021

HIRAM, Georgia, – On the Radar Hoops hosted the Super 64 camp, which featured several players who primed for big high school seasons. Over 70 prospects from the Metro Atlanta area and beyond participated in the showcase in front most influential media members in the city. Here initial list of standout performers from the event.

By: Jonathan Hemingway

Airious Bailey – Boyd Buchanan High School, (Chattanooga, Tennessee) – 2024

Bailey was one of a few of out of state prospects to make an appearance. He took full advantage of the opportunity as the youngest prospect in the building. The 6-foot-7 swing forward has a slender build and can quickly lift off the floor for dunks. He glides through the air and will dunk with either hand and often off of either foot when finishing at the rim. Bailey’s true strength, however, may be his shooting ability. He has deep range with a quick release. He is poised to be on our must-watchlist in upcoming years.

Damoni Harrison – Archer High School, (Lawrenceville, Georgia) – 2022

Harrison is a hidden gem in the Metro Atlanta area. After showing out at the Southern Hoops Report Showcase last month, he was back at it in October. The 6-5 guard showed lead guard skills to go along with terrific size. He has the ball skill to work the pick and roll from the wing and either score or distribute to cutting teammates. He is a match-up nightmare for high school coaches given his skill and strength. And that should put college coaches on notice as well.

Parish Johnson – Kell High School, (Marietta, Georgia) – 2023

Johnson showed a solid overall skill set on Saturday afternoon. He shot the ball very well from the 3-point stripe. He is also a threat to attack the lane and finish when he is given an isolation situation. Throw in his aggressiveness in transition and Johnson is a terrific scoring threat from all areas on the court.

Joffrey Nunnally – Alexander High School, (Douglasville, Georgia) – 2022

Nunnally could have the strongest hands that I have seen in a long time. When he gets his hand on a ball, it is his. This is incredibly important for a point guard who gets in the lane and looks to finish in the paint. The senior also showed poise and vision when leading the break in transition. He set up teammates for highlight alley oops or attacked the rim when the opportunity was there.

Jalen Peterson – Greenforest Academy, (Decatur, Georgia) – 2022

Greenforrest had a talented roster coming into this season and it got a little bit deeper with their newest transfer in Peterson. The 6-7 forward showed his versatility on Saturday afternoon. He is a kid that gets mileage out of rebounding and scoring out of the high post. However, he showed open court ball handling skills on this day. He has the footwork and body control to score off the dribble in traffic as well. His high energy motor and all-around skill should be impactful this season for the Eagles.

Jaylen Sanford – Jones County High School, (Gray, Georgia) – 2023

Sanford was one of the premier athletes in the building. He accelerates past defenders and finishes at the rim with ease. He changes directions and pace to keep opponents off balance. The junior was not one of the biggest guards in the building, but that did not stop him from elevating to finish above the rim. Expect big things from him in Middle Georgia.

Jauin Simon – Pebblebrook High School, (Mableton, Georgia) – 2023

Simon is a superb athlete. He is built like a college athlete already. Yet the scary thing is…he has frame that can add even more weight and strength soon. His ability to finish with authority at the rim put him among the best at the camp. As his perimeter skill set polishes out, expect Simon to have a lot of attention from coaches at the next level.

Florian Tenebay – Greenforest Academy, (Decatur, Georgia) – 2022

Tenebay is another Greenforest player who showed out at the Super 64 camp. He is a well-built combo guard who can push the action in transition. He made solid decisions in advantage situations at the rim. He also showed a capability to hit spot up jumpers from beyond the arc as well. The senior’s game will translate to the next level, because of his versatility of skill. He can do a bit of everything and fit into the fabric of a roster with ease.

Jonathan Hemingway has been a National Evaluator for On the Radar Hoops since 2013. He has been involved in the basketball community since 1995 as a coach, camp director and evaluator. You can reach him at JLHemingway@gmail.com and follow him on twitter @JL_Hemingway.