#OTRHoopsReport: Anthony Edwards is as good as advertised – Dec. 10, 2018

Anthony Edwards has proved that he is the number 1 player in the country this season. Photo – Ty Freeman

Atlanta, Ga – The big news from last month was that big time shooting guard Anthony Edwards announced that he would be reclassifying from the 2020 class to become a member of the this years 2019 class.  This move automatically puts Edwards at the top of the class and most certainly destined to be on the 2019 McDonald All American roster.  Playing in two games at the Hard In The Paint Classic fans filled the stands to get a glimpse of who 247sports.com has made the #1 player in the 2019 class.

Edwards is known for his amazing scoring ability and he definitely did that with ease all weekend.  At 6’5 220lbs he’s quicker than the opposing teams point guard, and physical enough to switch off and bump with some bigs down low.  It seems as if his scoring package is unlimited.  A three-level scorer, teams are lucky when Edwards decides to stay behind the arc, but with the unlimited range he possesses you’re never in the clear. With excellent ball skills the 5 star prospect can hunt shots all over the court, although a very unselfish player Edwards has the instincts to sense when the defense is collapsing and has no problems making the correct read to an open teammate.

The athleticism was in full affect as he skied for numerous dunks in transition and also when he got even the smallest window in the half court set.  To go along with his good size Edwards has supreme length as he measures out with 6-10 wingspan.  That measurement was apparent when he broke down and guarded on the perimeter which sent all the coaches on the side lines into a frenzy.  His quick feet and excellent lateral movement stopped defenders from turning the corner, as he also bumped ball handlers off their spot using his strength.  Georgia and Auburn were both had head coaches and two assistants on hand for his game, a Michigan St. assistant was in attendance on Saturday night.  The race for Anthony Edwards is just getting started, should be interesting.

Kerry Willis is a contributor to On the Radar Hoops

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