#OTRHoopsReport: Standouts from the Rising Star Camp -Sept 13, 2016

 The Rising Star Camp showcased some of the top middle school players in the south. Photo – Ty Freeman

Atlanta, Ga. – The Rising Star Camp brought together some of the best talent in Georgia and surrounding states. In hopes of giving players in this area the most amount of exposure possible, evaluators from the OTRHoopsReport.com were on hand to document the action. Here is the first look at the standouts from Saturyday afternoon:

By: LocksWay_OTR

Andrew McConnell – 2021

McConnell is a small guard who can the score the ball off the bounce. When he gets its going he is deadly behind the arc. When he wasn’t knocking down shots he was showing off his great court vision by finding his open teammates for easy buckets.

Dylan Karrh – 2021 dkharr

He has a very nice handle and can shake off defenders when they are applying pressure. Karrh made a couple highlight passes that put the crowd in frenzy. Karrh does a great job of running the offense and directing teammates. He is an excellent ball handler that weaves and slashes through the defense with inside out and crossover dribble moves in order to get into the lane.

 Brock Bidwell – 2021brockbidwell

This was our first time seeing Bidwell, he as a high IQ and really understands how to run the pick and roll. He was able to blow past any defender that was in front of him. Once he got past his defender he was either finishing at the rim with an acrobatic layup or he was pulling up for his sweet jump shot.

Myles Rice – 2021

At the Atlanta Invitational this summer at Emory University, Myles was one of the top players that we had an opportunity to see. It was no different at the Rising Star Camp, he has nice size for a guard and has the ability to put points on the board in a hurry. When his feet are set he is almost automatic behind the three point line. Myles has skills to play either on the ball or off.

Travis Burrius – 2021

 Burrius is a super skilled point guard that has great body control to finish the around the basket. Travis is a lefty that has great IQ and knows how to control the pace of the game and was good utilizing the pick and roll where he was deadly knocking down the open jumper.

Kendrick Green – 2021 kendrickgreen

Green is very skilled and has nice hesitation dribble. He uses the step back to create separation and to get his shot off with ease but was also effective finishing in traffic. Green can get to the paint for lay-in attempts, but he also has a nice middle game, equipped with a smooth mid-range pull-up jump shot.

Anthony Bowen – 2021

Long guard who did a good job of pushing the tempo in transition, finding teammates for baskets or connecting on the jumper from the high post or behind the arc. Bowen was disruptive on the defensive end of the floor as well as he jumped in passing lanes and forced turn overs.

Aiden Watson – 2021aiden

 At 6-foot-3 Watson is skilled big that runs the floor very well. He can pull his defender outside the paint and knock the seventeen foot jumper or he can post up and throw hook shots with either hand. He does a good job of altering/blocking shots and provides help side defense.

Alexander Zwerner – 2021

We had an opportunity to see Zwerner last summer at the Atlanta Invitational and the Rising Star Camp. He has grown a couple of inches since we last saw him. Zwerner showed the ability to shoot the ball off the catch or dribble. He can score outside but was effective around the basket as well.

Somik Shahjahan – 2021Taco

Shahjahan has a high IQ and does a good job of pushing the ball in transition where he is able to find teammates for easy baskets or finish with a lay-up. In the half court, he is a vocal leader that does a good job of directing traffic.

Jordan Brown- 2021

At 6-foot-3 Brown has really good size and excels in transition where he can get out on the break and finish around the basket. He does a good job of creating second chance opportunities.

Manny Collins – 2021

Manny is an active big with length. He can protect the paint and plays with a high motor on the defensive end.

Chauncey Wiggins – 2022

Wiggins is long guard who plays the wing. He has nice stroke and can shoot over smaller defenders. He also has the ability to create for himself and get to the basket with one or two dribbles.

Michael Matthew Jr – 2022

Matthew is a big guard who loves to use his body post up smaller guards. Michael plays guard position but can go down low and bang with some of the bigger players.

Donte Medlock is a contributor to On the Radar Hoops


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