#OTRHoopsReport: Sweet 16 Session II standouts -May 9, 2017

College Coaches filled the gym over the weekend at the Sweet 16 Session II.

Atlanta, Ga – The final session of the spring Sweet 16 concluded at the end of April. This event has established itself as one of the most prestigious tournaments on an annual basis. This year was no different as the tournament boasts arguably many of the top players in the region.

By: LocksWay_OTR

2018 Adrian Martin | PSB Select – Martin has a nice combination of getting by you off the dribble and being able to make the perimeter jump shot with range. He plays within the offense and allows the game to come to him. In addition, He has a high basketball IQ and knows how to move without the ball to get open.

2019 Elias King | AOT – King showed why he has been regarded as one of the top underclassmen in the country. His size at the shooting guard position forces match-up problems for opponents as he has the ability to score behind the arc, from mid-range, and at the rim. He handles it well as a secondary ball handler and because of his feel and basketball I.Q.

2019 Taylor Trudeau |Orlando Orangemen – At Session 2 of the Sweet 16 there were only a handful of shooters and Taylor was the best out of them. Taylor, who really does not say much, lets his game do all the talking. He can shoot off the dribble and get to the rim. His release was so quick that some defenders did not even have time to put their hands up.

2019 Quincy Olivari |DFavors Celtics – One thing about Quincy is that he competes out there on the floor, which is something you don’t normally see in young guards. Quincy has a decent handle on the ball but uses his change of speed to get by defenders where he can finish at the rim. He can guard you 94 feet and does not mind talking a little smack while he is doing it..

2019 Jeremiah Engram | GA Go Hard – Jeremiah is a pit-bull out there on the court. The South Georgia native was pestering guards all weekend. Jeremiah is a small guard but does have a nice frame and quickness to go with it. He is more than capable of being a lock down defender but also can score when needed.

2019 Nate Presnell | Westside Flight – Standing at 6 foot and 9 inches, the multi-sport star athlete is starting the quarterback for Hiram (GA). With that being said, he shows a lot of leadership out there on the court, making sure his teammates are in the position defensively and offensively. However, getting rebounds is what he does best. Every game he recorded double-digit rebounds and some of those rebounds just came from him tipping the ball to himself from the defenders.

2019 Eddie Smith |Alabama Go – Eddie is a speedy guard that can crank it up on the offensive side. With a quick first step, he can get around defenders and finish at the basket with contact. Eddie sees the court and does not mind sharing the ball when his offensive game is not rolling.

2020 Cameron Sheffield | Game Elite – He can get to the rim in transition as well as in the half court. He also can make mid-range shots off the catch or dribble with range to about 17 feet and can score big numbers in a short period of time when he is in the flow.

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