#OTRHoopsReport: Top performers from Holiday Hoopsgivings -Nov. 27, 2017

Michael Devoe of Montverde (FL) was one of the top performers at the Holiday Hoopsgiving.

Atlanta, Ga – The Holiday Hoopsgiving provided an exciting atmosphere for teams to compete against elite competition. With over 2,000 local fans on hand to watch the games, Hoopsgivings blends a traditional basketball fan base with dozens of elite ranked players. Here is a close look back on which players elevated themselves above the others.

Ashton Hagans – Newton – 2019

One of the elite point guards in the junior class, Hagans put together a tremendous performance where he averaged a triple-double through two games. Hagan’s a true pass-first point guard who has the ability to score anytime or when his team needs a basket. He has a great feel for the game that enables him to set up teammates and get them the ball while they are in a position to score. Hagans’ a smooth ball handler who rarely turns it over and plays with his head and eyes up and at all times to take advantage of his excellent court vision

Trendon Watford – Mountain Brook – 2019

Friday afternoon, Watfor single handedly powered Mountain Brook (AL) to a win over Norcross (GA). Watford possesses a great combination of size, skill, and athleticism along with an instinctive feel for the game. He is a constant mismatch problem with a corresponding basketball I.Q. and feel for the game. He has the ability to post a smaller defender, makes good use of a spin move inside the lane to counter a secondary defender, and can actually facilitate for those around him as more of a point forward.

RJ Barrett – Montverde Academy – 2018

Barrett, who is always under the evaluation microscope, has had the No. 1 rated player target on his back for some time and always seems to rise to the occasion when challenge and he didn’t disappoint over the weekend. He is tough to stop in the open court where he utilizes his strength to power his way to the rim. In addition, he has developed a nice soft touch out to the 3-point line and he can also dominate down low with his knack to score,

Isaac Okoro – McEachern – 2019

What sets him apart from his peers is his combination of power and athleticism which makes him a difficult match-up for opponents. As one of the best finishers in transition he is fearless attacking the rim and has the ability to explode through contact and make the play. Okoro has made some tremendous strides in his game. He constantly plays in attack mode and is always a triple threat to shoot, drive, or pass.

Jalen Lecque – Christ School – 2019

There isn’t a more gifted point guard in the country than Lecque. His length, speed, quickness, handle and overall athleticism are peerless, at least on this level. He is a one-man fast break and goes through opposing defenses with ease.  In the half court, his quick first step allows him to get down hill in a hurry to force the defense to collapse where he can finish with floater or find teammates for easy baskets.

Michael Devoe – Montverde Academy – 2018

This weekend Devoe played with a ton of confidence and poise. Devoe is a smart and heady guard who an score from a variety of areas on the floor and also get teammates involved with his ability to handle and pass on the move. In addition, he has a tremendous feel for the game and can seemingly drop passes in the tightest of situations.

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