Summer Slam Recap – August 4, 2014

Elite Sports Center played well as a unit and drew the attention of several coaches at the OTR Summer Slam. There performance earned a spot as a game of the tournament.

DULUTH, Ga., There were 96 teams that participated in the Summer Slam during the second evaluation period in July. The first of the event featured showcase games, which then were followed by bracket play on the final two days. Here is a look back at a few of the notable games from the event.

Elite Sports Center vs Nashville Celtics

Elite Sports Center came out strong to take a 26-17 lead to end the first half. Jon Wilfong and Justin Noble scored 8 points each in the half for Elite Sports Center. Their toughness was unmatched early on as they beat the Celtics to countless loose balls and offensive rebounds. Nashville Celtics later found relief in their ability to hit the 3-point shot and later with the mid range jumpers. With those jumpers working, the Celtics cut the lead to five, 37-32, with 7:08 on the clock. Although the Celtics were able to make a late push, it was not enough as J.R Kerr and his Elite Sports Center teammates hung on for a 49-47 win. Kerr’s toughness and skill were the difference in this game. He showed that he could catch and shoot it off of the move  as well as off of the bounce.

Leading Scorers:

Nashville Celtics – Douglas 13 points
Elite Sports Center – Kerr & Reid both with 10 points

Auburn Raptors vs Atlanta Select Silver

Auburn Raptors 2015 guard Pernell Vickerstaff came into Summer Slam Session II ready to go, he had a great showing in our Sweet 16 Tournament in April. We noticed his talents in several of our previous events and he only expounded upon this opportunity to turn heads this weekend. Pernell has shown his reliability on both ends of the court. His strengths are in his ability to create off the dribble, athleticism, and how he works harder than his opponent each possession. We’ve had the chance to see him produce 15-20 point outputs, but what is most interesting about him is his knack for putting his team in position to be successful, by creating turnovers on the defensive end and finding the open man. Vickerstaff will be a great addition to many teams looking for a playmaker, because this kid is one.

Alabama Legends vs

Class of 2015 point guard Kaylen Phillips of Mitchell High School (Tenn.) was impressive this weekend. He was able to find shots early and late in the matchup vs the Legends. He knocked down back-to-back triples for Memphis Hoopers late as they were on a 12-4 first half run. He is a shifty pg with a pass-first mentality, but will not shy away from open looks. Had a good showing on his handle and really created well for others.

Class of 2014 combo guard MarDarius Lee lead his team with 23 points as they defeated Legends 54-50. He impressed multiple coaches, as he knocked down 5 triples in this game. Class of 2016 combo guard Brandon Wright lead his team with 19 points accompanied by class of 2016 point guard Johnathan Coleman with 12 points.

Shun Williams is the owner of On the Radar Hoops, Inc. The On the Radar Hoops Report is picked up by Division I and II colleges and universities across the country. He serves as the director of the On the Radar Hoops Fall Showcase, On the Radar Hoops Spring Showcase, On the Radar Hoops Invitational, Elite 32 Session I, Elite 32 Session II, Summer Slam Session I, Summer Slam Session II and Power 24

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