Super 64 Camp Standouts II – Oct.20, 2020

Emerson, GA., –The Super 64 Camp presented the perfect opportunity for high school aged prospects to get exposure and play against top competition heading into the school season. With multiple media sources, college coaches watching online and post-season award selectors on hand to watch, over 100 prospects received the best exposure possible in the city of Atlanta in the post-evaluation period. Here is a recap of the top performers from last weekend’s camp.

Malique Ewin – Berkmar (GA) – 2022

His natural talent level is staggering. His ability to handle and pass the basketball at his size is absolutely off the charts and gives him incredible potential as a playmaking forward and mismatch problem. He can take the ball off the glass and lead the break without problem, make quick instinctive improvisations with the ball in his hands and create offense for both himself and his teammates. The bottom line here is On talent alone, there simply aren’t many better prospects in the country. His combination of size, strength, athleticism, skill, and intellect is off the charts.

Trevino Glover – Collins Hill (GA) – 2021

If you have the ability to knock down shots you have a future in this game and Mr Glover was one of the better shot makers of the day. You simply couldn’t give him day light or else he would find the bottom of the net. Glover was really dead on off the dribble after using one or two dribbles to get the slightest of space needed to get his shot off. It’s easy to see the work that the sharp shooter has put in on his own as he’s almost perfected a one legged fadeaway.

Joshua “JK” Cameron – East Coweta (GA) – 2022

Cameron was the best in the gym at turning the corner after receiving a high ball screen. He kept defenders leaning with his quickness, and proved to be a pretty good finisher once in the lane. His quickness stood out on the defensive end as well, as he came up with steal after steal with the use of some good anticipation in the passing lanes.

Dhiauauei Dut – Greenforest (GA) – 2023

What I saw in Dut was a vision of what could be down the road. Soft hands, moves very well, gave effort, and what I liked the most is that any time he was close to the rim his objective was to throw it down. Going forward he needs to add weight, transform his body, and continue polishing his fundamentals. On a few occasions Dut stopped away from the paint to show off his lefty touch from the perimeter.

David Giddens – Tucker (GA) – 2021

The report I received on Giddens was spot on. Energy, energy, and more energy. Giddens was easily the best rebounding guard at the camp on both the offensive and defensive glass. On the offensive end he slashed his way to buckets, and moved really well without the ball which lead to layups on back door cuts. Giddens should make a program very happy due to his willingness to be coached, and the infectious energy he brings to the game.

Jaylen Peterson – Stephenson (GA) – 2022

The pogo stick woke up the people in the gym time and time again with rim rattling dunks. Peterson can stay on the floor thanks to his ability to eat glass. He was a complete animal, rebounding out of his area and snatching boards from opponent’s hands. He didn’t get the opportunities to showcase what he does well offensively, but as a defender, finisher, and shot blocker he stood out.

Jaylon Taylor – Buford (GA) – 2022

Taylor is an athletic wing that can make scoring plays. He finishes on the break and can hit the open jumper with range to the arc when he has time. He handles the ball well and will not hesitate to advance the ball up the floor to an open teammate. He is a good rebounder and has the potential to play and defend multiple positions.

Kristian Ford – East Paulding (GA) – 2021

He has a strong frame with good length and he possesses a mature game. He is at his best while spotting up for 3-point shots and his shot is quick and smooth. He has a good burst off the dribble and has the physicality to finish with either hand while converting shots in the paint. He has a high basketball IQ and has shown on a number of occasions the savvy to hand off timely passes. Ford is a player who will see his recruitment pick up during the season and in the spring.

Logan Stephens – Woodward Academy (GA) – 2021

He’s physically strong, aggressive and gritty on both ends, and potentially versatile as well. He’s worked hard to expand his offensive game and become more of a consistent ball-handler, shooter, and playmaker in the process. He’s become a dangerous shooter off the dribble and catch. Stephens put up big numbers playing for Team Forrest and he’s one of the better available guards in the state of Georgia.

Kerry Willis is a contributor to On the Radar Hoops

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