Super 64 Camp Standouts III – Oct. 23, 2020

Emerson, GA., –The Super 64 Camp presented the perfect opportunity for high school aged prospects to get exposure and play against top competition heading into the school season. With multiple media sources, college coaches watching online and post-season award selectors on hand to watch, over 100 prospects received the best exposure possible in the city of Atlanta in the post-evaluation period. Here is a recap of the top performers from last weekend’s camp.

Jens Rueckert – South Cobb (GA) – 2021

Rueckert is a long-armed athlete that is very active. He attacks the rim in transition and can score over or around defenders with athletic scoring plays. He likes to slash to the basket and shoot the floater in the lane. Rueckert can clean the glass and start the break. He is fast enough with the ball to go coast to coast with ease. He plays with great energy and has good upside.

Zion Powers – Woodville Thompkins (GA) – 2022

This live body forward does a good job of getting downhill in the half court and scoring off slashes in transition. Defensively, Powers is very effective using his length and quickness to both contain and disturb the ball-handler. 

Zyair Greene – Miller Grove (GA) – 2021

 A scoring guard that can also play the point when needed. Greene has a good burst of speed and first step that allows him to beat defenders off the dribble. Greene can connect on jumpers out to the three-point stripe when given time and space. He plays hard, competes on the both ends, and brings a winning mentality.

John Latimore III – Apopka (FL) – 2021

This summer Latimore was one of the better lead guards that we had an opportunity to see.  Latimore is a strongly built combo-guard that knows how to play. He showed he can run the team from the point guard position but he can also get downhill into seams of the defense to score when needed. He loves to attack the rim in transition and is able to absorb a bump and still finish or get to the free-throw line. 

Julius Lymon – Columbia (GA) – 2021

Lymon brings good energy every time he takes the floor and impacts the game with hustle plays. He is an offensive rebounding specialist that has a good feel for the path off the ball and is relentless at chasing down second shot opportunities. He will be most effective in an up-tempo style of play for a program that doesn’t mind an undersized 4-man.

Elijah Williams – Providence Christian Academy (GA) – 2021

A long and athletic swingman, Williams scores by filling lanes in transition, slashing to the rim, or pulling up in the mid-range area. He is bouncy enough to finish above the rim and will also elevate to kick out to shooters off the bounce,Defensively, he is very effective using his length and quickness to both contain and disturb the ball-handler.

Austen Colton – East Coweta (GA) – 2023

One of the younger players in attendance for the Super 64 Camp. Colton put up big numbers over the summer. He is a lead guard that can facilitate but is wired to score. Colton connected on shots from behind the three-point line and even got into the paint to finish with floaters.

Willie Evans is a contributor to On the Radar Hoops

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