Super 64 Camp Standouts – Oct 19, 2020

Emerson, Georgia, – Over 100 high school aged prospects trained and competed at the OTR Super 64 Camp at Lakepoint last Saturday morning. The camp was filled with talent and national media. It was a great chance for established talent and hidden prospects to show their in front of national evaluators and college coaches via live stream. Here is a review of the camp’s top performers.

Robert Cowherd – Grayson (GA) – 2022

He is a true shooting guard with excellent three-point range. Cowherd can spot up on the break, come off screens and space on the side of dribble penetration. He is not a high-volume shooter because he does a good job of taking what the defense gives him. He can handle the ball and pass well because of his unselfishness and ability to see the floor. 

Sammy Moss – East Coweta (GA) – 2022

He plays the game with a lot of energy. His motor, which never seems to stop, is a key component of the evaluation. Moss doesn’t mind emptying the tank and he’s not concerned how he gets it done.He was active in transition, making slashing playing in the half court and crashing the boards on both ends of the floor.

Kaleb Banks – Fayette County (GA) – 2022

Banks is a late blooming forward with good length, skill and athleticism.He shows flashes of being a versatile match-up problem who can potentially operate from a variety of different spots on the floor including the mid-post, high-post, wing, and even the top of the key in pick-and-pop action. He’s a quick and fluid athlete who goes through the lane with long and efficient strides.

Jameel Rideout – Discovery (GA) – 2022

This summer Rideout has made tremendous strides in his game. He is shooting the ball at a high level and playing with a lot of confidence. Rideout played with a ton of pace and poise, he didn’t get sped up and scored within the flow of the offense. He connected on jumpers from the mid-range area and even scored off slashes to the basket.

Zocko Littleton Jr. – Osborne (GA) – 2022

A potent offensive player in ball screens because if his defender goes under the screen he will rise up and connect on the jumper. Littleton shoots with confidence from everywhere on the floor including the free throw line as his percentages are at a high level. He can make a series of long range three’s and mid-range jumpers when he is in groove. 

Kyle Jones Jr – Langston Hughes (GA) – 2023

One of the better sophomore guards in the state of Georgia that a lot of people aren’t talking about. Jones is a playmaking guard who can play on or off the ball, shoot it with range, or be shifty and smooth off the dribble. He’s very shifty off the bounce and consistently able to get himself into the lane. He’s a lay-up maker inside the paint with all sorts of spins from atypical angles off the glass. He’s also a capable passer off the dribble as well and very good positional size. 

Tyrease Elliott – Grayson (GA) – 2022

Elliot made big strides over last couple weeks of the summer which have carried over into the Fall. As a big point guard who utilizes his size to score, make the assist and play positional defense. He produces well on the offensive end statistically and does all the little things to help his team. A pass first point guard who can score inside the paint or from deep. His mind set is to make the simple play and compete to win and not play for his numbers.

Izaiyah Nelson – Marietta (GA) – 2022

This 6-foot-7 continues to improve at a rapid rate, we had our first look at Nelson last year at the Breakout Camp. He has good bounce, good hands, and he can even hit the occasional mid-range jump shot. His timing is impeccable in the areas of blocking shots and rebounding as well. He runs well in transition and can finish on the break.

Kai Simmons – St. Francis (GA) – 2022

Over the past six months, we have seen steady growth and improvement in Simmons game. This late blooming 6-foot-7 forward is a rim protector who changes/blocks shots around the basket and does a good job of rebounding in his area. Offensively, he scored off drop off passes from guard penetration and rebounding put backs.

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