#OTRBattleground Session 1 – Small But Tough

MARIETTA, GA – Even up through the high school ranks, the “little” guys often get overlooked and are underappreciated for what they do on the floor. When you’re dealing with 5th and 6th graders, classes of 2029 and 2028 at this past weekend’s Battleground Session 1 at Kell HS, they’re even smaller. But we saw a whole lot of toughness and plenty of skill to build on with these diminutive fighters. By: Keith Agran Qyntavious Davis and Amare Smith (Team Huncho 2028, pictured above) One of my favorite combos of the weekend......

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#OTRBattleground Session 1 – 2028 Backcourt Gems

MARIETTA, GA – Moving to the backcourt from last weekend’s Battleground Session 1 at Kell HS, where I was focused on the 5th and 6th-grade divisions (2029 and 2028). We look here at some of the 6th-grade, 2028 guards who were hard to miss in a weekend where the young guard play was really sound and just as often explosive. By: Keith Agran Jahmar Maurice (GSW Black, pictured above) Too much about is game from a pure ability and upside perspective not too be actually a bit awed by Maurice, already built......

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#OTRBattleground Session 1 - 2028 Frontcourt Standouts

MARIETTA, GA – We open our content coverage of this past weekend’s OTR Battleground Session 1, and I was stationed both days at Kell HS for the 5th and 6th-grade divisions, classes of 2028 and 2029. We start by looking at 2028 big guys, several of whom had really impressive weekends. By: Keith Agran Weston Studivant (Atlanta Xpress, pictured above) Big-bodied lefty was virtually unstoppable after the catch in close, showed off some nice quickness facing the basket as well and was able to score through contact regularly from the block or......

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