NGS Elite 60 Showcase – 2027/2028 Eye-Catchers Part 1

NORCROSS, GA – Some of the top 2027 and 2028 middle-schoolers descended on Summerour Middle school for NGS’s Elite 60 camp, and some names to know definitely emerged as there was equal parts impressive young size as well as some polished young guard play.

Here’s Part 1 (out of state prospects have home state in parentheses):

By: Keith Agran

Omari Chaudhry | PG | 2027 (Game Elite, pictured at top)


It took all of about 10 minutes for Chaudhry to announce himself as one of if not the most high school-ready ballers on hand, a cool calmness handling the ball and quick and easy decision-making stood out early, he scored from every level with floaters and mid-range J’s and played both on and off the ball, heads-up defender got in the passing lanes and was generally sound and disruptive most of the day at both ends, with heavy grad losses coming in 2023-24 it wouldn’t shock me if he plays notable minutes as a freshman with the Cardinals.

Amare Jackson

Amare Jackson | SF | 2027 (Game Elite)


Fits the Westlake mold to a ‘T’ as he was among the more impressive overall athletes on hand getting up and down the floor with both finesse and force and finishing at the basket with flair and efficiency, had one of the few in-game dunks at 6-4 off a break where he had one thing in mind and flushed it hard, around the basket appears his strength at the moment but there was good movement facing the basket further out and an improved handle and work on the 15+ jump-shooting range will be the next big steps.

Joshua Huggins

Joshua Huggins | PF | 2028 (Tennessee)


Among a small number of guys on hand who showed off some advanced back-to-the-basket tactics using good footwork and some crafty moves, aggressive posture as a scorer as he quickly recognized a matchup advantage for him and went to work, good rebounder and a hard worker, had some face-up range out to 15 feet, 6-4 right now and if he gets to 6-7 or better with an already good understanding which will grow he’ll be a name from TN we’ll be hearing a lot of.

Brielen Craft

Brielen Craft | PG | 2028 (TSF)


Made a case as one of the day’s best pure shooters as he got on some streaks from 3 that were impressive, but there’s a ton more in his arsenal than just bombing from deep as he handled the ball like a true 1 and did a ton of damage as a wing attacker both scoring from multiple levels and distributing with really solid vision, another heady defender who was 1/2 step ahead of lazy or poor passes, has a chance to be just dynamite under Coach Sharman White at Pace.

CJ Jordan II

CJ Jordan II | CG | 2027 (East Cobb Playmakers)


The measurables at a lengthy 6-3 draw your eyeballs to Jordan as he glides around out there followed by his immediate and impressive willingness to make the right or extra pass, when we called on him to score more we got glimpses of his athletic potential as the future Raiders football QB has the look of both floor leader and field general, as he moves along he’ll need to capitalize more assertively on obvious scoring chances and show off a more complete offensive game, but it’s a talented package a name to know on two different fields of play.

Riley Bryant

Riley Bryant | SG | 2027 (Alabama)


A pure face-up downhill driver at this stage he like Jackson above showed out as one of the top pure athletes I saw, the basketball acumen is easy to spot as it just needs a little seasoning and he’s got time to develop into what could be a devastating athletic wing player, the flashes of the things that are just around the bend in his skillset had me scribbling the possibilities in my notebook, playing the next 4 years with the right travel team will be huge not just for his development but for his exposure-level coming out of underrated but often under-covered AL.

Keith Agran has lived in Georgia since 2011 and joined OTR as a National Evaluator in 2021. He previously scouted for Prep Hoops dating back to 2019 and has both a championship-coaching background on the HS-level and daily newspaper writing experience, both from New Jersey. You can reach him at and follow him on Twitter @BracketSage.