OTR #Elite32 – Can’t Miss 15U Guys Pt 1

KENNESAW, GA – As per usual, I took my act on the road to multiple sites to catch as much age group action as possible over the 4 highly successful days at OTR’s Elite 32.

Over 200 teams and 400 coaches graced us with their presence as the Southeast’s top destination for competition and exposure teamed with Midwest circuit power Recruit Look and as a combo proved once again where to be with some high-quality entrants ranging from as far west as California and including Nebraska, Missouri, Texas, Iowa and Minnesota among others.

Here are some Can’t Miss 15U guys I came across in my Day 2 jaunt to Kennesaw Rec Center Friday.

By Keith Agran

Isaiah Richardson | CG | 1Family | 2025

The Florida powerhouse didn’t have their best effort in the morning run but came back later in the day and took care of business, in both affairs Richardson was hard to miss and not just because of a seriously cut frame that he used to power over and through folks as a physical guard presence, there’s a lot to like about how he turns effort into points but the full court game is only now touching the fringes of where it can go, has the look of yet another young 1Family star on the rise.

Kelen Smith | CG | HLBA | 2025

The bunch from Arkansas was feisty and athletic showing off a deep roster that also included good-looking CG Lydell Buckinham Jr and rangy big Cassius Bullard, Smith was smart and decisive on the attack and was a half a step ahead with a combo of skill and quickness, showed off some shooting range but was a killer getting at the basket, the whole roster defended and Smith (and Buckingham) used foot speed and anticipation to turnr D into O.

Jquan Williams | CG | Team Firstep | 2025 (pictured at top)

Fun flair and spice in his game as he played the role of scoring point and attacking wing for the impressive group from Kentucky, lots of depth on this roster as well but Williams appeared the first option when a bucket was needed and was really good off the bounce, got it done from distance as well as defenders found it tough to figure what he was going to unleash, one to watch out of the Bluegrass State.

Kaleb Evans | CG | Palmetto City Hurricanes | 2025

Big PG for the 15U age group already around 6-3 as he used long strides on the attack and was really clever as a finisher and reader of defenses, a football-like athlete he was tough on the glass from the guard spot and on yet another deep and athletic roster shined in an all-around sense, like the South Carolina native’s prospects as a potentially tall PG prospect in the coming years.

Nikolas Turner | PF | CP25 SWFL | 2025

Good body cut a nice swath out there at 6-7 as he was able to both clear space and use good feet to unleash some nice moves in close, loved seeing him knock down the soft J from 15 ft as Florida’s Team Parsons always brings a competitive group to any age group and wing Nicholas Rose also stood out on the day.

Isaiah Philyaw | PG | Team Power | 2025

Take Augusta teams lightly at your own peril as they seemingly always bring the energy and play with a chip particularly when taking on ATL teams, hard to differentiate the excellence between Philyaw from Dublin HS and backcourt mate Dewon Simmons of Laney HS as the two carved up the competition with speed and precision, both can be lead guards but spent a lot of time feeding off each other when the other had the ball.

Nicolus Anderson | SG | VWBA | 2025

Perhaps the most polished of all the 15’s I saw he was filled with confidence and moxie and combined with composed PG Keaton Wagler for a superb backcourt combo, inside-out package included strong and advanced moves to the hole and some sweet range out past the arc, handled the ball some but seemed much more comfortable facing up from the wing or coming in hot off the break, a good looking young multi-level scoring guard prospect out of Missouri.

Lewis Racine | SG | Team Triumph | 2025

Texas’ Team Triumph was really impressive across all ages at Elite 32 and Racine teamed with Julian Fredericks in particular for a really productive backcourt for the 15’s, Racine was versatile and effective playing multiple roles as he shot, passed and handled the ball creating for himself and others, has the look of someone who will get taller and surely add strength before his senior year and with that would take an already intriguing game to the next level.

Keith Agran has lived in Georgia since 2011 and joined OTR as a National Evaluator in 2021. He previously scouted for Prep Hoops dating back to 2019 and has both a championship-coaching background on the HS-level and daily newspaper writing experience, both from New Jersey. You can reach him at keithagran1@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter @BracketSage.