#OTRHoopsReport: Summertime notable standouts – Sept 1, 2017

Coaches lined the baseline this summer at the Super 6 Showcase to watch some of the top players in the Country. 

Atlanta, Ga – The Super Showcase is a destination on the calendar for many of the country’s top travel programs for a reason. This is one of the best evaluation weekends of the year because we get to see nationally ranked teams and individuals face off against one another in this setting.

DJ Murray – Nike South Beach – 2018

During the Super 6 Showcase Session II, Murray had several impressive games. Murray’s ability to shoot the ball is very impressive. He has a smooth and confident stroke off the catch or dribble. He runs the outside lane on the break and if the transition defense falls asleep he rarely misses open spot up jumper.

Zach Scott – 1Family – 2018

Scott is more than capable of putting up points in a hurry. When his feet are set and he’s in rhythm his shot is potent. He has a very slick handle and he changes speeds very well. He does a good job of keeping the defense honest with his ability to knock down the three point shot with regularity.

Houston King – C2K Elite – 2018

There are not too many players we saw this summer that shot the ball as well as King. His shot is crispy with a high release and he gets it off quick. He has a solid frame with deceptive amount of athleticism. He has a high basketball IQ and did a great job of moving without the ball, finding holes in the defense and connecting on jumpers. He is also a good scorer in the paint area off the dribble and knows how to use his frame to shield off defenders.

Rey Idowu – Team Speights – 2018

Idowu has the ability to dominate a game with his physical presence around the basket. He runs the floor well in transition and is an above-the-rim finisher who benefits from drop off passes from guard penetration. He does an good of sealing his man for position and takes advantage of angles to get to the rim. Idowu emerged as one of the top big men our staff hand the opportunity to see this summer.

Isaac Suffren – Carolina Wolves NC – 2018

We have had a chance to see Suffren play numerous times this year during the spring and summer evaluation periods. He is a lead guard that can easily slide to the shooting guard position because of his ability to score. Suffren is good at hitting pull up jumpers after one or two rhythm dribbles going towards the basket. He does a good job of running the offense and can drive, draw, and kick to open teammates.

Dywan Griffin –New Orleans Elite – 2019

One of the better young scoring guards that we had a chance to see during the second evaluation period. He is a shooting guard in a point guard’s body although he can help at the point. He is strong for his size and displays good athletic ability. He can score the ball in transition or in the half court by attacking the rim when he utilizes his strength to score through contact. Griffin is a natural scorer that is a player to keep an eye on in the 2019 class.

Shun_Williams_OTRHoopsShun Williams is the owner of On the Radar Hoops, Inc. The On the Radar Hoops Report is picked up by Division I and II colleges and universities across the country. He serves as a member of the Naismith National High School Board of Selectors and the Atlanta Tip-Off Club. He is the director of the On the Radar Hoops Fall/Spring Showcases, On the Radar Hoops Invitational, Elite 32 Session I & II, Power 24, Atlanta Classic and Super 6 Showcase.

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